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BadFly Interactive
Out now on iOS, Android.
  • Gameplay and cinematic videos.
Il y a un jour
Team Rez
Demo added to as studio's debut starts its big push.
Il y a un jour
Thousands of games under the discount knife, also there's a chair.
  • Sale promos.
Il y a un jour
Dark Ring Studio
Souls-like rogue-like Indiegogo-like crowdfunding-like.
  • A new trailer.
  • A debut video.
  • Some screens.
  • Logos agogo.
Creepy Jar
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Il y a un jour
Paul George and Ariel Powers attempt to translate basketball prowess to 'Call of Duty' matches.
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Devolver Digital
'Behind the Schemes' video series shows us the people taking the fall if this all goes wrong.
  • The logo.
  • Promo art.
  • Fall Guys screenshots.
  • 'Behind the Schemes (Mediatonic)' video.
Il y a un jour
Bandai Namco
Let the exhibition games continue online.
Il y a un jour
Red Bull Media House
Big name eSporters taking part.
Doublehit Games
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Il y a un jour
Feathers still flying after it exploded on Steam last week.
  • A plucked video.
  • Some screenshots.
  • Logos and such.
Il y a un jour
Maratus Games
The prologue has been added to Steam to whet some appetites.
  • A teaser trailer.
  • A few screenshots.
Il y a un jour
Assemble Entertainment
Icky x2.
  • An announcement teaser.
  • Soiled screens.
  • Logos and key art.
Il y a un jour
Autobots and Decepticons continue to ramp up the realism levels in September.
  • Transformers assets.
  • Transformers video.
Il y a un jour
'Double Trouble' DLC free on PS4 tomorrow, cross-play for everyone.
Il y a un jour
Altari Games
Kickstarter campaign begins for anime-style action title.
  • Some screenshots.
  • Some art.
Il y a un jour
'SHERP Ural Challenge' DLC parks beautifully on Steam, other places.
  • 'SHERP Ural Challenge DLC' trailer.
  • Downloadable DLC trailer.
  • SHERP screens.
Il y a un jour
Update 1.10 re-equips, sends some reinforcements to Poland and lays out a map.
  • 1.10 video.
  • Equipment 2.0 video.
  • 1.10 art.
  • Some 1.10 screenshots.
Il y a un jour
Dark Catt Studios
Lloyd Kaufman (Troma) does a guest spot in tomorrow's VR title on Steam.
  • Some screenshots.
  • Logos, icons and such.
  • An announcement trailer.
Il y a un jour
Slapunas and Jakayaki
VR cooking title slapped on the hob.
  • An official trailer.
  • A few screenshots.