Warner Bros.
Customers will have the last laugh in mid-November when they get this.
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New video shares Tips & Tricks for getting the most from the game.
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Anti–cheat measures deployed against hackers for a more level playing field.
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Seems like if you give a game away free, you can 7.5 million people to download it.
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Grapeshot Games
How does one make "warehouse structures to auto-resource gathering system" sound faintly amusing?
  • Some well-stored screens.
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EXOR Studios
PS4 edition shambles into view.
  • PS4 video.
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Can you actually be stealthy wearing a jetpack?
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Games Operators
Planes, trains and automobiles all slipping their hands between two "pillows" on August 27th.
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$120 million should be enough to make it THE platform for developers.
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We have to say we never thought we'd play a combat game infused with Chinese opera, but now we can.
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This pre-release phase will be the gold standard of betas for Steam.
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Stop off at a service station and phone in a pre-order for the Switch edition.
  • Switch screens.
  • 'Baobei Doggo' GIF.
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Koch Media
Wotan, Erlkönig and Isegrim in the vanguard for the newly arrived Saxony Empire faction.
  • Saxony feature.
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Portal Games
David Marchbanks ready to show up for work as head of sales and retailer relations.
  • David Marchbanks, a photographic study.
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Dry your eyes, mate, it is coming on September 24th.
  • Some screenshots.
  • Generous helping of GIFs.
  • A gameplay trailer.
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PC/console hybrid system coming to Australia and New Zealand via Bluemouth Interactive.
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Modus Games
Stadia version surfaces.
  • Stadia launch trailer.
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Wizards of the Coast
338-card 'Amonkhet Remastered' set now available.
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Even the country pavilions are going digital for this year's event.