VIGAMUS Foundation
Paolo Bagnoli (Samsung Italy) also now a professor at the Vigamus Academy.
  • Paolo Bagnoli.
EXOR Studios
Free prologue is on Steam.
The animals strike back at the Ghost of Tsushima, crossing over to the other side to deliver a chart-topping blow.
'Mew World' update goes live in time for International Cat Day.
  • Mew World screens.
From the NEOGEO Pocket Color to the Switch.
  • Switch images.
Un giorno fa
Updated to version 1.40 with new modes and episodes - what more could you want?
  • 1.4 screens.
  • Season 2 art.
  • Banner art (1.4).
Un giorno fa
Burgos Games
Kickstarter campaign a roaring success, causing us to jump for joy.
  • Successful art.
  • 'Thank You' video.
2 giorni fa
Super Rare Games
Physical Switch release happening next week.
2 giorni fa
We've got you a prime interview slot for a high profile position in the company - tomorrow at 8am CEST.
2 giorni fa
Trailer and EP bend the knee to the main theme tune.
  • An official soundtrack video.
2 giorni fa
Trailer reveals some gameplay. A gameplay trailer, if you will.
  • 'Fight the Dark' video.
  • A few screens.
2 giorni fa
Devolver Digital
We definitely think an Apple Arcade title will fully capture the feel of the franchise... well, maybe just series 8.
2 giorni fa
Open-world fantasy RPG about creating your own magic academy.
2 giorni fa
When we think tanks on console, we think wrestlers.
  • A grappling logo.
  • Summer Slam assets.
2 giorni fa
We're all going on a summer holiday, pack the game and prepare for lots of seasoned fun.
  • A summery comic strip.
2 giorni fa
Space Indie Studios
'90s-inspired point-and-click adventure has, in true retro style, "gone gold".
  • Poster art.
  • A YouTube trailer.
  • Five screenshots.
  • Logo and icon.
  • A couple of GIFs.
  • Some more artwork.
2 giorni fa
Kalypso Media Group
'Lobbyistico' DLC brings new Corruption system to consoles, if you've got any dodgy PPE to offload...
2 giorni fa
Koch Media
'Doomsday' trailer heralds the end of the long wait... nearly.
  • 'Doomsday' trailer.