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Tuesday, 22 May
PC Wanted Killer VR Playsnak
Early Access phase begins tomorrow..
All The Angry Birds Movie 2 Rovio
Also goes on about Chupa Chups.
All Ghostory RigidCore Games
Even we can't pun effectively in 14 languages.
Mac Razer Core X Razer
"External graphics enclosure" now works with Mac Thunderbolt 3 laptops.
PC Razer Blade Razer
Small, sleek and extra speedy, just like ... er, we've said too much.
An iOS ARia's Legacy The Pixel Crushers
E3: It's all happening at E3 ... and by that we mean exciting demos of the AR room escape title.
All Golden Joysticks --> WoA War of Awards
"Video game award mega-battle" gets Discord server for some 'buzz' and chattering.
PC Black Desert Online Pearl Abyss
Ancient Kutum sounds too intimidating for us ... you guys handle him and we'll just watch.
All GINX Esports TV Ginx TV
Broadcast plans laid out for UK's first Dota 2 major.
PC Next Day: Survival Pay At10tention
Full-on release form adopted.
PC Killer Bundle XI Fanatical
"Legendary" YouTuber PewDiePie's game included in collection.
Monday, 21 May
PC Omnibion War 1C
We don't know what an Omnibion is, but we do know it involves lots of hectic shooting.
'Premiere Invitation' event let celebrities and "industry VIPs" play before the public get a look in.
PC PS4 XO Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Ubisoft
Team Liquid wins season 7 ... so now all eyes are on Paris.
An iOS Summit Solitaire GameCloud Studios
The peak of all solitaire variants?
iOS ZombiED zinWorks Studios
Shambles onto iOS.
PC PS4 XO The Nameless Chronicles Anima Project
It might be nameless, but it isn't release date-less.
All Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Scarlet Moon Promotions
'Remastered' edition available for those still awake out there.
Mac PC The Elder Scrolls Online Bethesda
'Summerset' springs into Early Access action.
NS West of Loathing Asymmetric
We hate that we have to wait until the 31st for this.
PC PS4 XO Gwent: The Witcher Card Game CD Projekt RED
May's open championship was won by Team Games Press ... wait a second ...
All Nordic Game 2018 Nordic Game Program
'Discoveery' contest's second season nearly over, finals this week in Malmö.
All Disdoored Bitbox
Plasticine warriors, assemble.
PC PS4 XO The Golf Club 2019 HB Studios
PGA Tour career mode will be a major driver of sales.
An iOS WP Brave Frontier gumi
You know what? There just aren't enough 'Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2' collaborations in the world today. Time to fix that!
PC BLESS Neowiz Games
All Pole To Win Pole to Win
Exciting news about ISO 207001 certification and zzzzzzzz.
PC Battlerite Stunlock Studios
Season 1 of the 'Pro League' a highlight of DreamHack Summer in Sweden next month.
PC Taco Gun Floating Island Studios
Out on Steam.
An iOS PC WP World of Tanks Blitz
Pink tanks all the rage these days, though not sure of the camouflage value...
An iOS Mac PC Sol705 Patricio Land
Kickstarter campaign going well.
All DreamTeam DreamTeam
10 million dollars is more than a token amount to raise.
PC That Tiny Spaceship We Make Small Games
Docks on Steam in the summer.
PC PS4 XO Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Ubisoft
'Operation Para Bellum' properly revealed.
PC The Oyster Hotel Mitten Pixels
Co-op time travel adventure set for December 1918 ... sorry, 2018.
All Brains Eden 2018 Games Eden
Event reaches its 10th incarnation, many faces start rejoicing.
PC Grabity Team Ninja Thumbs
Get a hold of this on Steam next week.
An iOS Gudetama Tap! CyberStep
Looking gud.
PC MapleStory NEXON
K-pop group GOT7's world tour sponsored by this game.
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