Latest press releases

Isometric puzzle adventure headed to Switch on July 25th.
  • Icon and artwork.
  • Six screenshots.
  • A gameplay trailer.
Heritage Auctions
Sealed 1985 cartridge sells for $114,000.
  • Super Mario Bros. cartridge pic. (Photo credit: Heritage Auctions)
Home arcade system currently on Kickstarter adds online multiplayer, starting with BombSquad.
SCS Software
Idaho expansion loaded up and ready for release next week.
  • Idaho screenshots.
  • Idaho box art and logo.
  • Idaho trailer (YouTube).
2 days ago
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Switch to this RPG.
  • A couple of bits of artwork.
  • Four screenshots.
  • The game logo.
  • The announcement trailer in three sizes.
2 days ago
Retail buyers can choose goody-packed Divine Edition of Edelweiss's side-scrolling action platformer.
  • Eight screenshots.
  • The logo.
  • Packshot and Divine Edition contents pics.
  • Key art.
2 days ago
Aluna Games
'Destiny' trailer was always going to appear today.
  • 'Destiny' video.
  • Some screenshots.
  • Paula Garces.
  • Logos and key art.
2 days ago
Spectating system upgrade the latest addition in the war on terr... sorry, cheating.
2 days ago
No Gravity Games
Puzzle-adventure now on Switch.
  • Switch screens.
2 days ago
Badland Publishing
Physical editions for Switch suddenly appeared today on shelves.
  • Some Switch screens.
  • Switch packshots.
2 days ago
Triple Topping
Welcome to a free game offer on Steam.
  • A few screens.
  • A header image.
  • A new trailer.
2 days ago
Devolver Digital
Early Access phase starts in late July.
  • Announcement screenshots.
  • Key art.
  • Dev walkthrough video.
2 days ago
Mega Cat Studios
Let 2020 be known as the Year of the Genesis Cartridge.
2 days ago
Wired Productions
'Deluxe Edition' will only be at retail today (in Europe) and next week (in North America).
  • Deluxe edition images.
2 days ago
Deniz Kayacan
Blushes and shuffles its feet before tentatively coming out on Bastille Day.
  • A few screenshots.
2 days ago
Kube Games
4X grand strategy title should be out in a few weeks.
  • Release announcement trailer.
  • Cinematic trailer.
  • Some screenshots.
  • A couple of GIFs.
  • A few logos.
  • A lot of art.
2 days ago
Fuzz Force
Maker's dog will be in it.
  • Some screenshots.
  • A few logos.
2 days ago
KLab Inc.
We hope your have your "Attribute Formation Lottery" tickets.
  • "Almost 5th Anniversary" promos.
2 days ago
Bandai Namco
Out now.
  • Launch trailer.
2 days ago
Focus Home Interactive
Screens arrive showing off first big update.
  • Russian winter region screens.