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CD Projekt RED
Third episode of 'Night City Wire' aired.
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Kalypso Media Group
Out today on the console things.
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Paradox Interactive
Not pre-ordering it would be a sin.
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There'll be a new title, currently being kept hidden from prying eyes.
  • TGS 20 images.
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Bandai Namco
Say hello to Neji Hyuga, we're sure you'll know who that is.
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Bow before your new trailer lord.
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Just For Games
Cooked up on the Switch.
  • Some delicious screens.
  • Teaser trailer.
  • Logo and key art.
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Hound Picked Games
NAIRI: Rising Tide, Sunshine Manor, Mystiqa and Astral Equilibrium headed to PC and consoles next year.
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Check the rearview mirror and you'll see a retrospective look back at the previous year for the game.
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Realism is critical as the Transformers appear in-game.
  • Transformers images.
  • Transformers art.
  • Transformers screens.
  • Transformers promo.
  • Transformers trailer.
  • 'Warships in Disguise' video.
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Crimsonite Games
Free prologue released on Steam for Victorian escape game.
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There will absolutely, positively, definitely be no delay until 2021 (warning - not a guarantee).
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Highlights reel put together with help from Greenlit Content.
  • A recap infographic.
  • Highlight reel (YouTube).
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Kalypso Media Group
Console editions now out.
  • Praetorians HD Remaster Xbox screenshots.
  • Praetorians HD Remaster Xbox screenshots.
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3D adventure for next-gen consoles under development at new Milan-based publisher PlaySys.
  • A screenshot of PlaySys's last title, Abyssus VR.
  • A photo of PlaySys at E3.
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Club Open 2020 Fall Split Finals... (and breathe...) start in various non-American territories this weekend.
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NIS America
Out next year on Switch.
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Six years and still going strong.
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Out now on Switch.
  • Switch screens.
  • Switch packshots.
  • A few logos.
  • Art aplenty.
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All the requisite forms have been filled in for a 2021 launch.
  • A few screens.
  • Logos and key art.
  • A brewed video.