Eén dag geleden
Potata Company
Prologue ready by October.
  • Steam trailer.
  • A few screens.
  • Art and such.
Eén dag geleden
Story trailer promises a story.
  • Story trailer.
  • Story trailer (download).
Eén dag geleden
Big Sugar
Developers fighting until the end of 2020 to get this onto Stadia.
  • Stadia announcement vid.
Eén dag geleden
'R6 Share' ... er, shares its team, tier line-ups.
  • 'SHARE' videos.
  • SHARE line-ups.
Eén dag geleden
Future Club
This new studio is just so 21st of September.
Eén dag geleden
Game Development World Championship
'Tiny Lands' wins this week.
  • 'Tiny Lands' trailer.
Eén dag geleden
2020 remaster comes with 'Chip's Challenge' for free.
  • Some screenshots.
  • A few 2020 videos.
Eén dag geleden
GIANTS Software
Season 2 of the 'Farming Simulator League' won by Trelleborg.
Eén dag geleden
Launches on PS4... in November.
  • Some screens.
  • Limited edition packs and stuff.
  • Logos and such.
Eén dag geleden
The Laver Cup goes online... kinda.
  • Laver Cup video.
Eén dag geleden
Epic Games
BTS (that boy band) to do a music video in-game.
Eén dag geleden
Noodlecake Studios
"Sentient sword" cutting its way to Apple Arcade.
Eén dag geleden
Lightwood Games
Xbox One version solved.
  • Some screenshots.
  • Logos agogo.
Eén dag geleden
Bandai Namco
Urouge coming soon.
Eén dag geleden
Four days of fierce competition for a prize pool of 48,000 US dollars.
  • A competitive promo.
Eén dag geleden
Thunderbox Entertainment
The road to victory unwinds at 3pm.
  • A meditative video.
  • Idyllic screens.
Eén dag geleden
It's just a little delayed, it's still good, it's still good.
Eén dag geleden
Games for Change
'STEM Your Game' challenge could net developers $150,000.
Eén dag geleden
Indra Soft
Hack-and-slash, dungeon-crawling action RPG launches for mobiles, complete with narrated in-game comic, original soundtrack and Bison Arlen hero for early adopters.
  • A game logo.
  • Promo images.
  • Launch screenshots.
Eén dag geleden
BCS Studios
Demo will be free on next week.
  • Gameplay footage.