Games Press Elite

For developers, publishers and PR agencies

Games Press Elite is a set of simple tools for uploading your announcements and assets directly to Games Press, putting them at the fingertips of the thousands of games journalists and influencers who use this site each day.

While you're welcome to submit announcements via our free service, Games Press Elite gives you more control over how and when your news appears on the site, along with useful feedback on click-throughs and downloads.

Games Press Elite also lets you edit your product information, release dates and PR contact information directly on the site.

Free service Games Press Elite
Submission process By email Direct upload
Choose go-live date/time Yes
Add localized versions Yes
Watermark-free assets Yes
Edit game info Yes
Update company page Yes
Edit release schedule Yes
Announcements per month 1 Unlimited*

If you'd like to find out more about Games Press Elite, and get a quote for your organization, please complete this form:

Games Press Elite Formulaire de demande de renseignements
For information about how we handle the personal data you supply to us, please check our Privacy Policy.

Games Press Elite FAQ

What happens to the announcements I submit using Games Press Elite?

The announcements and assets you upload will appear on the front page of Games Press. A summary will also appear in our daily email digest, which is sent out to all Games Press users who opt into it.

Can I send out my press release directly to your mailing list?

Unfortunately not. To avoid overwhelming our users' inboxes, the only email we send each day is our Daily Digest.

We're only a small studio. Do you offer a discounted rate for indies?

Yes! Please get in touch, giving as much info as you can about your studio, and we'll do you the best deal we can.

Do you offer a free trial?

Alas, no. But there's no minimum subscription length, so you're welcome to cancel after your first month if you no longer need Games Press Elite.

I only want to post one press release. Can I just pay a one-off fee?

Currently we only offer a monthly subscription to Games Press Elite. But we can set you up for one month only.

*The small print

  • We ask you to keep your use of Games Press Elite "reasonable" - no more than 3 or 4 announcements and 1GB of assets per week.
  • We can't promise to publish everything you submit. In particular, we may remove anything we don't consider suitable for Games Press's audience.