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Tactical planning game No Plan B is coming to Steam today

Every choice, however small, may decide the fate of the entire team

April 3rd 2024 - La Rochelle, France - Solo indie dev GFX47 (Gladiabots) is launching their new tactical planning game "No Plan B" today on Steam.

In No Plan B, every choice, however small, may decide the fate of the entire team. Players will need to assemble their squad and gear them up carefully, work out the perfect plan using the innovative timeline system, and watch it play out in real time.

A gripping tactical game with no room for failure, No Plan B offers roguelike campaigns, standalone missions, and community-made maps with randomly generated enemies and 4 playable factions.


  • Plan: Use the innovative timeline system to synchronize your every move and action and meticulously design the perfect plan.

  • Execute: Capture and share epic replays showcasing your best tactics using the full-control 3D camera and cinematic tools.

  • Campaign or Skirmish: Take on brutal rogue-like campaigns with units and gear management, or short but intense stand-alone missions.

  • Infinite Replayability: Generate an unlimited number of missions, create your own using the built-in editor, or tackle challenges crafted by the community.

  • Embrace Your Playstyle: Pick your side of the story, fine-tune the difficulty settings, and use various perks to shape your experience.

  • Extensive Customization: Personalize your characters and weapons in detail to reflect your personal style and give your team a unique look.


About GFX47:
Before going on a solo dev adventure, Sébastien Dubois worked on AA and AAA projects at Ubisoft Montreuil (Might & Magic Heroes : Kingdoms) and Amplitude Studios (Dungeon of the Endless).

Under his studio’s name GFX47, he has released the AI tactical arena game Gladiabots, and is now working full time on tactical planning game No Plan B. His love for programming tactical games is only matched by his great passion: Collecting memes neatly arranged in weirdly specific folders.