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Games Press is the definitive one-stop PR resource for the games industry, and has been since its launch way back in the summer of 2000.

Used daily by thousands of games journalists worldwide, the site is constantly updated with the latest press releases, screenshots and videos from games publishers and developers. If you're a journalist covering the games industry, Games Press is an indispensable resource, and if you work in PR for games, Games Press is the most effective way to put your announcements and assets directly at the media's fingertips.

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Who are we?

Games Press was founded back in 2000 by veteran games journalists Steve Owen and Jonathan Davies, who have worked in games media since the days of Spectrums and Commodore 64s. And they still proudly run it to this day, supported by a crack team of news hounds and technical genii.

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Who uses Games Press?

Games Press is used by journalists from all sectors of the media worldwide. Our audience includes:
  • Specialist games magazines
  • Every leading games website
  • Lifestyle magazines
  • Newspapers, national and local
  • TV and radio
  • Fan sites and blogs
  • YouTubers
  • High street and online retailers
Games Press includes content from:
  • Games publishers
  • Indie studios
  • PR agencies
  • Hardware and accessories makers
  • Analysts and research organizations
  • Trade bodies
  • Expos and conferences
We're based in the UK but our audience is global - about half from Europe, a third from North America, and the remainder from the rest of the world.
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