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Repel The Forces of The New World in Ecumene Aztec

The Mesoamerican action RPG from developer Giantscraft launches in 2025

June 1st, 2023 - Developer Giantscraft is thrilled to reveal Ecumene Aztec, an action RPG set within a Mesoamerican city in the midst of a blasphemous attack. Harness gifts from the gods and the knowledge of the surrounding jungle in order to gain the upperhand against the vile conquistadors. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to save your captive brethren?

The new world is approaching, and Mexico's last great Indigenous empire is on the brink of demise. Set within a dense Mesoamerican city, fend off invading conquistadors who are on a path to bring the Aztec Empire to an end. Use your home to your favor, repel the sacrilegious attack, and save your kin from confinement. 


Ecumene Aztec is an action RPG featuring a dynamic class-based combat system. Choose from three warrior classes between the Jaguar, Eagle, and Snake, and master your abilities in order to defend against the intruders. When human strength isn’t enough, make a blood sacrifice and utilize gifts from the gods to gain an otherworldly advantage. The evil of man is no match for the power of a god.

With an emphasis on exploration, you must familiarize yourself with your surroundings both within the confines of the city and beyond in order to survive. Reach new heights and survey the city through a responsive climbing system. When all hope seems lost within the city, retreating into the lush jungles remains a valiant tactic. Prowl through the dense foliage and strike from the shadows with in-depth stealth action combat. One wrong move, and the conquistadors will not hesitate to slash through the greenery. Even with your throat at the tip of a blade, the jungle’s natural inhabitants may step in to protect their own.


Ecumene Aztec is set to launch in 2025. Wishlist Ecumene Aztec today, and prepare to fend off the threat of the vicious new world.


Key Features:

  • Experience the clash of the old world with the new in an epic narrative

  • Make blood sacrifices in exchange for various upgrades from the gods

  • Master three unique character classes between the Jaguar Warrior, Eagle Warrior, and Snake Warrior

  • Explore the Mesoamerican city with an expansive climbing system

  • Catch the blasphemous invaders off-guard with in-depth stealth action