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Ghost Croquet - Released 25 Jan, 2024

Ghost Croquet is a multiplayer platformer where monsters are controlled by the other players! It's most fun when played with friends as a party game (up to 4 people locally or up to 8 online), but also has competitive singleplayer modes and a level editor integrated with Steam Workshop.


One player is the hero, the others are ghosts able to possess monsters and traps. Whoever kills the hero, becomes the hero, and the cycle continues! You can also collect gems while in human form to spend them on powerful upgrades and items.

  • Be the monster! Each has its own unique ability that really shines when you coordinate with your monster buddies.
  • Challenge your friends in both local (split-screen) and online multiplayer!
  • Compete in singleplayer Arcade mode for a place in global Leaderboards!
  • Create and share your own levels using the in-game editor!