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Bowl 'Em Down, Out now on iOS, press release

Lowtek Games launches their first iOS game!

Bowl ‘em down was released late 2020 on the google play store but is finally available on iOS.

Have you ever wondered how a bowling ball feels as they roll down the lane? It's probably terrifying, so i would imagine you'd be screaming, right? 

That's kind of what this game is all about.

Try to get a high score in this infinite, randomly generated bowling game.

The concept has been in developers Ally Lows mind since 2006 and its finally rolled its way to reality.


Where this game will turn some heads as you can scream louder and louder to continue playing and build a high score!
You can do this infinitely as long as you scream louder than last time. You'll be managing your volume to get the most out of the feature and be screaming your lungs out by the end.

This may therefore be seen as a kind of anti social game...


Unlock new costumes and give them a roll, from basketball and pumpkins to pride themed and a familiar looking flea.


Bowl em down roll onto mobile and is free to play.

Out Now on iOS and Android


"Do you have the balls to scream loud enough for a high score?"