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Unleash Chaos in Garbage Crew! - A Hilarious Couch-Coop Action Game


Würzburg, Nov 20th 2023 - Get ready for a wild ride with Garbage Crew!, the upcoming multiplayer roguelike action game that throws you and your friends into the midst of chaos, all while making you juggle multiple, seemingly unrelated jobs. Developed by the one-person studio XEETSH, Garbage Crew! promises endless laughter, unexpected challenges, and medieval mayhem!

About Garbage Crew! In Garbage Crew!, you find yourself part of a team tasked with managing the chaos of cleaning a city. Your primary duty? Emptying garbage cans and containers. But that's just the beginning! Your boss, in a stroke of genius (or madness), loads you up with additional tasks, ranging from firefighting to forest work. The catch? You're always understaffed, and your short-tempered garbage truck driver has no plans to wait for you, even if you're in the middle of extinguishing a wildfire. As if that's not enough, a mishap with your boss's DIY time-reverting device catapults you back to medieval times, where a town under siege awaits your garbage-collecting prowess!

Gameplay Garbage Crew! is a chaotic, couch-coop experience where you and your friends must coordinate your efforts to complete tasks and reach the level goal. It's a roguelike adventure with endless randomized levels set in two completely different environments, each featuring unique mechanics. Prepare for unexpected events, adapt on the fly, and earn money with every run to unlock a plethora of powerups for your next attempt. With multiple jobs to juggle simultaneously, including Waste Collector, Firefighter, Knight, and more, it's a multitasking extravaganza!


  • Endless Random Levels
  • Two completely different settings
  • Local Coop
  • Online Coop via Steam Remote Play Together
  • Tons of powerups
  • Multitasking madness with five unique jobs
  • 50+ Different Skins
  • Play a level with a custom seed or with custom difficulty
  • Genre: Action Couch-Coop with roguelike elements
  • Release Date: December 8th 2023
  • Players: 1 – 4 (Multiplayer Focus!)
  • Multiplayer (Local Coop or Steam Remote Play Together)
  • Pricing: 18.99$ USD, 21.79$ CAD, 14.79£, 15.99€
  • Developer: xeetsh
  • Publisher: xeetsh
  • Platform: PC, SteamDeck, Linux

Prepare for laughter, camaraderie, and medieval mischief when Garbage Crew! hits Steam on December 8th, 2023, on Windows, SteamDeck and Linux. Embrace the chaos, communicate with your crew, and conquer the exciting challenges that await!

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