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The free Demon Hunter DLC for Son of a Witch is coming to Switch on April 17th

Featuring the Daily Challenge from the PC version and a new hero, hell level, weapons, items, pets and more...

Novi Sad, Serbia - Apr 7, 2021 - The developer Bigosaur is happy to announce that the Demon Hunter DLC for Son of a Witch is approved by Nintendo and will be available to Switch players from North America on April 17th. The release for the EU and Australa region is delayed because of translation issues and is coming later this year. This update will be free for all the players who own the base game.

Son of a Witch is an action roguelike for 1-4 players with focus on weapon and item combos similar to The Binding of Isaac. With optional permadeath, various difficulty levels and cute art, it's perfect to co-op with your SO. The game has been featured by IndieCade, and various European festivals like IndiePrize and GameAccess.

The Demon Hunter expansion is the biggest update to the game since it's release. It features:

  • A new class: Lich, who brings the total number of available heroes to 11
  • The Hell level with 7 new enemy types and 4 new bosses
  • the Daily Challenge mode similar to the one in the Steam version
  • 7 new special challenge rooms
  • 7 new weapons, including the Blade of Light which reminds us of a lightsaber
  • 18 new magic items with various new gameplay mechanics
  • 3 new random potion effects
  • 3 new new magic spells
  • 5 new pets, each helping the heroes in a different way
  • 27 new achievements
  • Endless Arena leaderboard
  • various minor improvements and bug fixes

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About Bigosaur
Bigosaur is a small development studio from Serbia. It was established in 2013 and is notable for using their own custom game engine. Most popular games are: Son of a Witch and Rogue Bit, both released for Windows, Linux, Mac and Nintendo Switch and both holding a Very Positive rating on Steam. Bigosaur was also behind A New Life, a hit iOS game that reached #1 top seller in the RPG category in the US App Store in September 2018. Website: