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New 3DS expansion for FRAGRANT STORY launches today

Free DLC expansion PAPAYA'S PATH is now available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop

Launch Trailer:

Today, FRAGRANT STORY (Nintendo 3DS) gets a large patch, containing a free DLC expansion called PAPAYA'S PATH. This expansion adds a significant amount of content, and is much larger than the original game. Guests from the base game return with new musical contributions, and Chris Sarandon joins the voice cast as one of the villains. Bulby lends remixes for a special 8-bit mode.

Free expansion includes:
- Multiple new story campaigns (incl. fully voiced cutscenes)
- Many new challenge battles
- New characters, abilities, and equipment
- New enemies, bosses, and terrain
- World map showing battlefield locations
- Significantly expanded soundtrack
- Legendary items in special treasure chests

How long is the expanded game?
- about 6-10 hours depending on skill

How long to 100% it?
- about 20-30 hours to get 100%

Small Physical Run
In addition, a small run of physical copies are coming January 2024. These are the remaining carts produced in 2022, which had to be re-processed due to a supplier error. As such, they contain v1.0 of the game, and will need to be updated in order to enjoy the Papaya's Path expansion.

The standard edition physical box has been upgraded to include two full albums on CD and digital download. The collectors edition physical box has also been upgraded, and now has both albums as well as a second poster, and two extra tarot cards.

Official Strategy Guide
Also coming January 2024. Featuring over 100 pages of full color, and loaded with exclusive artwork, this guide book includes strategies for every battle, and how to unlock everything for 100% completion. Covers all content including the free v1.2 expansion Papaya's Path.

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