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Garden Buddies, the cozy horticulture simulator that teaches about mental health is available now on Steam and Nintendo Switch

From, a top developer and publisher of indie games for Nintendo Switch, comes a shiny new adventure where players will furnish their own green and flowery garden. Garden Buddies is available now on Nintendo Switch and Steam in all its adorable glory, ready to soothe all troubles of the mind in its own way.

Watch the release trailer of Garden Buddies

Garden Buddies lets players drift into a unique world filled with tiny plant and animal companions. The players step into their own gardens – which act not only as a place of beauty, but also as an asylum from worries that often take root in the mind.

As the game’s relaxing storyline unveils, there will be more creatures to meet, more decorations to discover, and more ways to find inner peace.

The first buddy the players meet is Mutsy – a little apple-looking creature with stubby legs. He is there at all times to help, to guide, and to introduce players to the tools at their disposal. Creating a perfect retreat is one thing – the true treasure is the friends players find along the way.

Garden Buddies introduces a roster of adorable companions and with them many charming minigames all about the issues they face. Helping them will let players gain their trust and forge unforgettable friendships, on top of receiving more things to decorate with.

As the hustle and bustle of everyday life fades into the background, Garden Buddies is there to fill cozy evenings with relaxing fun.

Players will encounter moments of peace that will teach them breathing and grounding techniques to ease their anxiety. With these pointers, dealing with stress will be much less of a challenge, no matter the situation.

As this fairy tale world comes to life on the players' devices, their inner peace can also grow into a garden – maybe with a help of a cute, little buddy!

Garden Buddies is available now on Steam and the Nintendo Switch console. 

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RedDeer.Games (RDG) is an independent video game developer and publisher. Awarded in the “Fastest Growing Gamedev Company in Central Europe” category. RDG is according to “Forbes” ranked among the Top 50 Polish game producers. In recent years RedDeer.Games released titles like PID, Fluffy Horde, Cat Tales, AAA Clock 2, Space Tail, She Wants Me Dead, Reky, Broken Universe, League of Enthusiastic Losers, Pro Gymnast Simulator, EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match, and Bit Orchard. At the moment RedDeer.Games is working on games from licenses such as The Smurfs, Lucky Luke, and many others.


GardenBuddies is developed by Tim Buhrs and Jordy de Waal AKA JamPics, a dynamic game development duo from the Netherlands. After over 7 years of friendship and a large amount of small games and projects, the duo has finally created their first large game! Inspired by games like Animal Crossing and Viva Pinata, books like Moomins and Smurfs and a shared joy for nature and kindness!