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Demo for cozy coming-of-age story Fishbowl is available now on Steam and PS5

Play the first day of Alo’s month-long journey of living in isolation, nurturing friendships and understanding grief

Goa, India – May 9th, 2024  - Two-person indie studio are happy to present the first playable demo for their upcoming coming-of-age slice of life game Fishbowl. Available today on both Steam (PC & Mac) and PlayStation 5, this first look at Fishbowl covers the first day of Alo’s month-long journey of grief and self-discovery. For this launch, has released a new trailer teasing snippets of new characters, childhood memories and what's to come. 

“The two of us have poured our heart into every pixel, chord, word in Fishbowl, from our little apartment, in Goa, India,” said Rhea Gupte, Co-Founder and Creative Director of “This demo is a small taste of the themes and story-lines we explore in the full game. We hope to give players a peek into Alo’s life and get them intrigued for what lies ahead.”


Fishbowl is a heartfelt, slice of life, coming of age story told over a month. 21-year-old Alo gets her first job in a new city and is living by herself while grieving her grandma’s death. The choices she makes each day in figuring out life will lead to a unique journey of self discovery with branching paths and multiple endings.

Decide how you want to spend each day. Video call loved ones, work as a video editor by playing an arcade matching game, sort through your late grandmother’s belongings in unpacking puzzles to rediscover childhood memories, and don’t forget to practice self-care tasks while getting to know yourself better, one day at a time.

Fishbowl is a warm and cozy story about living in isolation, nurturing friendships and understanding grief. In Fishbowl, feel all feelings as there are no right endings.

For more on Fishbowl, developers Rhea Gupte and Prateek Saxena will be showcasing the game and discussing their influences and development experience as part of LudoNarraCon on Steam on 9th May 2024. To watch their presentation, head on over to their Steam page.

  • Video call a diverse cast of characters with branching conversations
  • Work from home with a fun matching video editing game
  • Rediscover memories by solving unpacking puzzles
  • Do your best with home & self care or do as much as you like
  • Experience beautiful, hand-drawn pixel art and our cozy lofi soundtracks
  • Make decisions, uncover the past, and figure out life one day at a time

What Critics Are Saying:
  • “[Fishbowl] is visually-complex yet effortlessly engaging, and handles difficult subject matter with taste.”  — Rock Paper Shotgun
  • “While Fishbowl is full of your typical brain-soothing chores and minigames, there’s depth hiding just beneath its adorable surface.”  — Inverse
  • "Fishbowl is a beautifully written, charming game that feels relatable." — Big Boss Battle
  • "We're very curious to see where Fishbowl goes from this prologue, it handles the subject in a personal but sensitive way."  — Video Games Chronicle

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About is a two-person team of Rhea Gupte and Prateek Saxena. Based in Goa, India, Prateek previously worked as a UX designer at a non-profit and Rhea was a multidisciplinary artist and writer. They both dreamed of making games and storytelling since they were little. In the middle of the pandemic, they decided to finally embark on this journey and are creating their debut title, the coming-of-age game Fishbowl.