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Summon metalheads, headbang for ammo, and slaughter your friends in this kick-ass, arcade-style experience!

EleMetals hits Nintendo Switch and Xbox later this year! has announced another unique video game in their portfolio. EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match, an epic blast of demonic, local multiplayer chaos developed by Wallride, will be arriving on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X later this year.

Shred your friends and pull your re-emerge soul to survive in this dynamic arcade action platform game packed with deadly challenges for 2-4 players!

Watch the trailer on YouTube:

Rush to return your soul to your corpse – though it gets more complex with each death! Don’t let your soul leave the Realm, or you'll be kicked out of the arena.

Move in any direction, bend, or hover - Dash towards enemies to destroy them, dash into Shards to bounce them back, or dash past traps to avoid dying!

In this game, you're gonna die a lot! Mostly because of  Deadly Lands, Floating Levels, Unique Traps, and enormous Lava Tridents!

  • unique dash mechanics
  • lots of difficult challenges  
  • 6 demonic metalhead characters 
  • epic and intense fights  
  • 30 challenging levels across 3 deadly realms 
  • reactive metal sound effects created by Fat Bard.

Watch the trailer on YouTube:

For more information on EleMetals, please visit the our Twitter account, official Facebook fanpage, official Discord Server, and website.

ABOUT REDDEER.GAMES is an award-winning global gaming company that focuses on developing and publishing unique indie games.

We aim to create accessible games, easily distinguishable by their original art style. Our main goal, however, is for them to be FUN!

In recent years we released Cyber Protocol, Brawl Chess, Comic Coloring Book, Clumsy Rush, Art Sqool, Nirvana Pilot Yume, Under Leaves and Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia. 

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Wallride is an independent creative studio that focuses on creating unique video games for PC, consoles and virtual reality.  Their recent projects are: EleMetals, Twins XR, Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl and more.