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Greenie Rush Obstacle Course Tests Players Knowledge of NBA Games

GreenPark Selected to be a Part of the PepsiCo Labs Digital Marketing Pilot Program

LOS ANGELES - April 7, 2021 - GreenPark Sports, the publisher and developer of fan-focused mobile games and social experiences, continues to expand its GreenPark virtual platform with a new Greenie Rush mini-game and brand integration with MTN DEW® as part of the PepsiCo Labs Digital Marketing program. Available now on iOS and Android devices, this marks the largest update since the Early Access program launched in January 2021.

Players can now take part in Greenie Rush by racing through a fast-paced obstacle course. In addition to dodging balls, spinning mechanisms and treadmills, players will need to quickly pass through a series of gates that asks them questions about each NBA game such as: “Which team made more free throws?”, “Who grabbed the most rebounds?”, and “Who racked up the most assists?”. The player with the most points at the end of the Greenie Rush wins Fanergy that can be used to unlock new in-game gear! Greenie Rush is currently available in the NBA Land and will be rolling out to additional areas of GreenPark throughout the year.

“Greenie Rush is something that the team has been hard at work on and is already one of my favorite things to play while in GreenPark,” said Ken Martin, Co-Founder and CEO at GreenPark. “It is incredibly exciting that brands are not only taking notice of GreenPark but also believe in what we are building. As we grow as a company, we’ll continue to work with brands that make sense for our fans and are able to feature them in seamless integrations.”

GreenPark was recently selected for a pilot program with PepsiCo Labs, the technology venturing arm at PepsiCo that identifies and embeds breakthrough tech start-ups into the company to help meet business goals. Prior to the start of each NBA game, MTN DEW® will be sponsoring the 3-point prediction card that may ask players “Which team will make the most threes?” or “Who will hit the first three?”.

“We’re excited to be partnering with PepsiCo on an immersive virtual experience in GreenPark.  We want to help extend the equity MTN DEW has built with the NBA. In 2020, MTN DEW announced its title partnership with the NBA All-Star 3-PT Contest, and as the Official Soft Drink of the NBA, MTN DEW will continue to align with the excitement of the 3-point shot throughout the year via media and content executions,” said Roshni Cox, Head of Brand Partnerships at GreenPark. “As a sponsor of ultimate fandom, MTN DEW will be able to leverage Green Park to connect and engage with a new generation of NBA fans throughout the season.”

For a chance to participate in GreenPark Sports’ Early Access, and to claim your official in-game name, reserve a spot with a valid email address at, or by downloading the app on iOS or Android. Invitations to use the app will be sent out on a rolling, space-limited basis. Additional lands for upcoming leagues will be rolled out over the next year.

For more information on GreenPark Sports, follow the organization via its official website here, and on Twitter and Facebook.

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Founded in 2018, GreenPark Sports is a publisher and developer of fan-forward, digital experiences and mobile games for the new generation of sports and esports fans. Co-founded by Chad Hurley (YouTube Co-founder / former CEO), Nick Swinmurn (Zappos founder / former CEO) and Ken Martin (BLITZ Co-founder / former CCO), GreenPark Sports was created to reimagine the role of today’s digitally-native fan as an active participant in the live sports/esports they love.

Nick Valente
B/HI, on behalf of GreenPark Sports