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Fragnova aims to put creators first with its decentralised approach to game development

Fragnova’s vision of a decentralised game creation platform underpinned by the blockchain begins to take shape as the company shares its roadmap - including the imminent closed Alpha of its asset marketplace

25 July 2022 - Singapore - In the latest step on its journey to empower game creators and democratise game development using decentralised technology, Fragnova has released its development roadmap to the end of 2023 and its planned full launch of the Fragnova marketplace.

The roadmap's release comes in the wake of the company securing $3 million in its second round of its $FRAG token pre-sale, increasing the amount invested in Fragnova to date to $5.6 million from companies including Animoca Brands, Lemniscap and Hof Capital.

Founded by Giovanni Petrantoni in 2021, Fragnova’s aim is for the revenues in games to be distributed more equitably for those who work on them through the creation of a decentralised gaming ecosystem underpinned by blockchain technology.

Uniquely, the blockchain element means game developers and players will be able to sell game assets - like 3D models or fully functioning games - with the usage (and therefore royalties) of their creations automatically recorded thanks to the use of its own blockchain to assert the ownership and licensing rights.

The marketplace is made up of the Gamer Store, aimed at gamers and consisting of in-game items or playable experiences (similar to elements of Playstation Dreams), and the Creator Store - a marketplace for developers filled with assets like 3D models, scripts or audio.

Every item uploaded to Fragnova can be “detached” from the Fragnova chain and migrated into many other chains (for example, Ethereum), allowing creators to sell and trade items on any possible platform, and the data linked to each item is permanently stored on the Fragnova chain.

Another key element of the company’s planned ecosystem is Claymore, a game engine also built using decentralised technologies. Compared with incumbents like EPIC or Unity, Claymore is unique as it ties in with the Fragnova gamer store, allowing developers to seamlessly mint (upload) their creations to the marketplace.

The company is developing several games with the Fragnova Network as a proof of concept, including Ambal Duels, an RPG-inspired digital card game, and Rythym Run, a 2D side-scrolling multiplayer run-and-gun game where players attack by using rhythm - with planned alpha’s for both games in Q2 2023 and Q3 2022 respectively.

“I hope the roadmap serves as a statement of intent for Fragnova’s mission. We’re building momentum, and when these different elements come together, we want to disrupt the long-held status quo in the gaming industry, develop a create-to-earn economy, and give power back to developers who have too often got a raw deal for their work. NFTs and Crypto have given blockchain technology a bad reputation in recent years, but since the bubble burst, I believe we’re now coming to a stage where people will be able to see the true value it will bring to the industry,” said Giovanni Petrantoni, President and Founder of Fragnova.

Prior to founding Fragnova, Giovanni built game engines as a Senior Software Developer at Silicon Studio, the largest Japanese game engine developer owned by industry heavyweights including Sony PlayStation and Square Enix.

About Fragnova
Founded in 2021, the Fragnova Foundation is a Singapore-based non-profit organisation with the vision of revolutionising gaming and bringing a more decentralised, creator-centric approach to development. The Fragnova Network is a community-driven platform that aims to empower content creators, giving them the right tools and perpetual royalties for their work while also providing immutable storage which will preserve their creations forever. The Fragnova motto is: “Create, Preserve, Earn.” To learn more, please visit