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Death and Cooking: Dungeon Munchies Chapter Two Update & Soundtrack

Cook, eat, and die your way through this sinister, yet friendly dungeon.


Taipei, Taiwan -- Dec. 3, 2020 MaJAJa is excited to announce Dungeon Munchies: Chapter Two, a massive update to their humorous post-post-apocalyptic death & cooking-themed platformer Dungeon Munchies. The update, along with a Soundtrack, will be released on December 4 through Steam.

Check out our new Trailer here

In Dungeon Munchies: Chapter Two players will continue to hunt, cook, and eat the creatures in the dungeon to become stronger. New creatures, and new recipes will enable more sophisticated (or brainless) builds and combos. The number of new levels, bosses, and story content will more than double the current game as players dig deeper into the history of the dungeon, and our two ghostly friends: Simmer and Grill.

The update also comes with a whole new soundtrack by our very own composer: rAYE. From EDM and Chillhop to Progressive Rock and Boom Bap, rAYE weaved out different emotions, guiding players along with the spine-tingling narrative. The sometimes eerily dissonant, sometimes affectionate melodies not only bring out a brand new listening perspective but also allow players to indulge themselves deeper into the world of the dungeons.

Dungeon Munchies (with the new update) and the Soundtrack will both available for purchase on Steam starting December 4. Go forth and cook fearlessly!

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