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Choices matter game ‘7Days Origins’ Now Available On Steam

'7Days', a text-based adventure game that has been loved by many for its unique illustrations expressing the afterlife and that the story changes according to the user's choice, was released on Steam.
Unlike the mobile version, 7Days Origins has been reorganized in a horizontal screen, and various elements have been added and supplemented, such as text and character animation, primary dialogue background and direction, different story backgrounds depending on selection, and full replacement of ending resources.
Buff Studio CEO said, “Since 7Days Origins is the first game to be launched on Steam as our company's story game, we paid much attention to quality improvement in various aspects compared to the mobile version. I hope it will become a story game that is loved by many users on Steam as well.”
Currently, 7Days Origins is available for download through Steam, and the original sound track and art book will be released in the future.
The game can be purchased online through Steam store here: