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Sam & Max Save the World Remastered now out for Nintendo Switch and PC

Holy mother of pearl at a pep rally with bone spurs and a cardboard cutout of the Pope! Sam & Max Save the World Remastered is out today on Steam, GOG, and the Nintendo eShop! The award-winning first season of Telltale's episodic Sam & Max games has been remastered by a small team of the original developers who acquired the rights after Telltale shut down in 2018. The remaster sells for USD $19.99 (or the equivalent in local currency) and includes English voices and subtitles in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, and Russian.

About the Remaster

Join canine detective Sam and his hyperkinetic rabbity-thing sidekick Max to solve a baffling mind-control mystery. Upgrades to this 2007 point-and-click classic include higher quality graphics and sound, dynamic lighting and lip sync, widescreen and gamepad support, five new musical tracks, and a number of tweaks to make the aesthetic and overall experience smoother and more enjoyable by 2020 standards.

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50% Discount for Returning Customers Anyone who owns the 2007 download version of Sam & Max Save the World (a.k.a. Sam & Max Season One) on Steam or GOG can get 50% off the remastered version through December 31. People who originally bought the game on Telltale's website can take advantage of this deal by visiting:

Official Soundtrack Released Today Jared Emerson-Johnson's jazzy Sam & Max Save the World soundtrack has also been released today on Bandcamp, Steam, and GOG. Buy it for $9.99 standalone or save 15% on both the soundtrack and the game with a cost-saving bundle. This nearly 3-hour digital album includes newly mixed versions of the original live music from all six episodes, the full cutscene score, an extended version of the new opening credits theme as well as the now-retired credits theme, and instrumental and vocal versions of the fan-favorite War Song -- a massive 82 tracks in all!