eBlitz mobile app to allow community-rated gamers to instantly match, chat and play

A place where people can connect by playing together

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 18/10/2021 Luke Elden eBlitz Ltd

London, UK, 18/10/2021 -- eBlitz today announced the launch of an open beta of its mobile apps, on both iOS and Android, that help community-rated users match, start a conversation and play within seconds.

During the pandemic, many started socialising over games; however matching availability amongst friends is far from easy. Existing options to find new gaming buddies tend to require hours of effort, or suffer from low reliability/toxicity, or favour competitive rather than casual gaming. eBlitz provides an instant solution to find a good social experience every time, no matter your play style, game title or device.

eBlitz recommends users based on their preferences, demographic and social profiles, where users can initiate a match with a simple swipe. Matched users are able to instantly jump into a conversation and start a game, on any platform, with one tap. Each user is rated by each other after each game session (similar to Uber).

Many early testers identify eBlitz as their go-to place to find teammates, due to the speed and ease of the experience, plus the significantly higher quality of social interactions compared to alternatives.

The launch of the eBlitz beta comes in the midst of the company achieving a number of key milestones, including being selected as one of 1,000+ applicants into Newchip’s competitive accelerator program, and the successful alpha test received over 25k installations.

Arron Wu, the CEO of eBlitz, said: “eBlitz is made for those moments when you want something more exciting than Netflix, or when you are about to give up a game because your friends are never around to play. By starting every gaming session with an instant social experience, we want to empower people to connect via playing together, and we believe that will make eBlitz a place of happiness that all our community members love and enjoy.”

eBlitz users currently send c.2.5k match requests per day, and c.60% of the users each day find a teammate within 3 minutes. The company is currently focused on releasing a series of improvements identified during its alpha testing phase and growing its user community.


About eBlitz

eBlitz is building a place where people can connect via playing together. It is led by a senior team with proven execution experience, including veteran investor, Arron Wu, who completed $10+bn of transactions at the leading European private equity firm CVC; and Flávio Ferreira, who held tech-lead positions in WeVat and various other successful start-ups. eBlitz was created during the pandemic after the team member’s own struggles with trying to socialise over games. eBlitz has a simple mission, to put social experience and togetherness first in the gaming journey, so more people can find a new place to be via gaming. The company is in an open beta phase and aims to establish its community and expand game coverage.

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