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Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss released the dominating force of J’s Hammer of Precision today in Black Desert Online and Console. All eligible Adventurers will be gifted this invaluable item allowing players to craft the most powerful accessory in the game with zero risk. The event starts today and will continue until Wednesday, November 27. 
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Latest Updates - J's Hammer of Precision | Black Desert

Harness the Hammer of Precision
With J's Hammer of Precision, Adventurers can enhance accessories without any risk of the enhancement level dropping or the accessory being destroyed. Every player who meets the below requirements will receive one J’s Hammer of Precision and can choose to either use it themselves or sell it on the marketplace. All Adventurers who meet the following requirements are invited to connect to the game and claim the legendary J’s Hammer of Precision.
  • Game playtime of 200 hours or more
  • Class has cleared the Mediah main questline - Apocalyptic Prophecy or Chapter 7 of Fughar’s Memorandum
  • Character of level 61 or higher (not a premium character)

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