Based on the Popular Korean Show, “Kingdom,” Kingdom: The Blood Combines Brutal Combat and Zombie Infested Horror

Seoul – July 11, 2022 – Renowned heavy action game studio Action Square is giving global audiences another reason to get hyped for upcoming single and multiplayer action RPG Kingdom: The Blood. The latest gameplay trailer showcases high-fidelity graphics with brutal yet precise hack n’ slash K-zombie action.
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Staying true to the beloved Netflix series, Kingdom: The Blood recreates characters, zombies and vicious action from the show in high-quality 3D graphics. Korean culture is treated with the utmost care in both gameplay and aesthetic. Motion capture was recorded using a professional Korean sword dancer to perfectly replicate deadly Korean-style combat. Players will show off their own personality with character creation and customization. The game takes you through beautiful sceneries of Korean palaces as well as zombie-infested city of Hanyang. Diverse costume options, including Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing), feature deep colors and textures representative of 16th century Korea.
Kingdom: The Blood will include a story mode that follows the Netflix drama. Game modes include Conquest Mode, a sequence of diverse five-minute battles, in addition to epic multi-boss battles and intense PvP combat. The K-zombie RPG will launch on mobile and PC for global audiences. Further details on Kingdom: The Blood, including the release date, will be revealed in future announcements.
About Action Square
Action Square is a game developer that established itself as an expert of action games in the mobile game market after the success of “Blade for Kakao” that was the first mobile game to win the Korea Game Award and releasing “Blade Three Kingdom” and “Blade2 for Kakao.” In August 2021, the studio announced the development of PC/Console action shooting game ANVIL, and is continuing with new projects, such as “Kingdom: The Blood,” which uses Netflix original IP.
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