PORTSMOUTH. ENGLAND, May 24th 2022 - Freejam, the award-winning development studio that focuses on creating innovative UGC games have launched the Steam page and a new trailer for their upcoming Free To Play Build-Em-Up, TECHBLOX

Techblox is a powerful physics-based build-em-up which turns players into creators, engineers and artists. Using blocks, powered joints, engines and an assortment of vehicle parts, a player can create a monstrous vehicle of destruction, a speedy racing car, or even show off their art skills to others in online multiplayer.

The latest trailer shows off the very first footage of weapons causing destruction and can be viewed here:

The very first PVP game mode planned for Techblox will be a vehicular combat game mode set within a new map encouraging players to build Armoured Personnel Carriers. 

PVP combat will be a massive part of Techblox’s future. As new maps and game modes are added, players will need to build complimenting vehicles for the situation. Some game modes will require a machine to be made to hold a specific location, whilst others may benefit from fast-moving scout vehicles. As game modes transition in and out of rotation the players' building skills will be put to the test. 

The destruction system in Techblox is all handled server-side and can lead to some exciting strategic combat. A player can cause enough damage to split another player's vehicle in half and incapacitate the machine completely. This destruction system will require the player to think carefully about where they place weapons, how to protect logic systems and even the player's character.

Mark Simmons, Game Director and CEO of Freejam said:

“When we released our first online PVP combat robot building game Robocraft nearly ten years ago, we created an exciting new type of genre that resonated with a lot of players who wanted to unleash their creativity. There have been a lot of other machine and vehicle builders since then so we know that players still want to create complex and exciting new machines and take them online and battle against others!”

“Robocraft had over 13 million registered users, this is huge and we firmly believe that Techblox has every opportunity to beat that number. We can’t wait to release it to a wider audience on Steam, and see what they all create. We know that they are going to surprise us and motivate us to make Techblox a huge success!

Players can add Techblox to their Steam Wishlist and be notified when the game is available to download for free at:



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About Freejam
Freejam is an independent games developer located in Portsmouth, UK. The studio focuses on producing experiences that have User Generated Content (UGC) at its core. The studio's debut title Robocraft launched on PC in 2013 and has over 13 million registered players worldwide. Techblox is the studio’s fourth original IP.