Chef RPG, an indie game developed by YouTube creator “Pixel Architect,” is set to launch in early access on Steam on September 12

Chef RPG (coming first to Steam early access for PC and Mac) is an open world, restaurant management RPG. Gather ingredients, cook, meet locals, and build the restaurant of your dreams! The project is started by Noah, a former architectural designer. Noah runs the YouTube channel “Pixel Architect,” where he creates game development content to an audience of 175,000 subscribers. The game is primarily solo developed by Noah, assisted by several part-time team members for art, animation, writing, and music.

The game has been in development for 4 years, and was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in December of 2021. The first trailer since the Kickstarter has been unveiled, showcasing brand new gameplay, completely overhauled art, and a peek into the main story of Chef RPG.

Check out Chef RPG’s new official trailer here!

Chef RPG’s concept was initially inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s great escape, and draws inspiration from games like Stardew Valley, Restaurant City, and Habbo Hotel. It aims to reinvent the cooking genre by adding a heavy focus on open-world exploration and ingredient gathering, as well as integrating social and slice-of-life gameplay seen in games like Stardew Valley.

Above all else, this game is an open-ended RPG. Players can master the culinary arts and create the most delicious dishes for their customers. Or they can choose to become a brave adventurer and impress their customers with rare ingredients. Or maybe, create a network of friends and grow their business through charisma and marketing.

Early Access Game Features:

  • Beautiful pixel-art open world to explore
  • Dozens of possible character builds to create different playstyles
  • Over 240 recipes to collect
  • Hundreds of furniture pieces available to decorate your restaurants
  • Play 9 different cooking minigames to prepare dishes
  • Skill tree featuring 40 Skills unlocked by leveling your character,
  • 36 Research Skills to unlock inside 6 different food research facilities
  • 2 Restaurants to run
  • Main storyline featuring over a dozen multi-phase story quests
  • 20+ Major characters to befriend and romance
  • Obtain ingredients via shopping, foraging, hunting, fishing, farming, brewing, and more!

Check out the links below to visit Chef RPG’s updated Steam page, as well as Noah’s Youtube Channel where he posts Chef RPG Devlogs and architectural design videos!
Steam Page

Youtube Channel