Atomontage Introduces Easy Sharing of Heavy 3D Content, Launches Early Version of its Platform for Shared Volumetric Worlds into Open Beta

The JPEG of 3D: Cloud-based platform demonstrates breakthroughs in 3D data compression and streaming on stage at Slush, EU’s biggest startup conference


Wilmington, Delaware, November 30 -- Atomontage Inc., the company unlocking the volumetric future of computer simulations and graphics, announced today that an early, minimum viable product version of the Atomontage platform for shared volumetric worlds - which are called “Montages” - is now available in open beta. Today’s launch marks the first time the company’s unique 3D simulation and graphics technologies has been made publicly available. The Atomontage platform solves complex data problems by replacing traditional vector-based meshes with efficient, volumetric, sampled geometry that can easily and always be changed, reducing many technological barriers that have previously prevented the widespread creation and consumption of realistic 3D content.


Open beta creators - also known as Montage Makers - can upload heavy volumetric data through the Atomontage platform’s web interface, voxelize it in the cloud, and then share it via a URL to end users who can view and interact with the resulting content in seconds – no cumbersome software installation required. 3D content can be uploaded from a growing list of supported 3D types (including image stacks and legacy voxel formats) and converted to the universal Montage format -or created directly on the platform using sculpting tools. Additional import formats, including textured meshes, point clouds, and CAD models, will be added to the beta in the near future.


“Efficiently handling the data needed to power large and detailed virtual worlds will require sophisticated solutions in both data compression and management, which took over 20 years of R&D for my co-founder Bransilav Siles to overcome,” said Daniel Tabar, co-founder and President of Atomontage. “Replacing vector-based meshes with voxels unlocks a universe of new possibilities, but only if you have a way to process them fast enough to keep up with real-time simulation at high enough resolutions for both realistic games and uses beyond entertainment. That’s what our Atomontage platform does – and starting today, you can go hands-on to see for yourself.”


“There’s an entire generation right now that grew up building and sharing their own content in connected virtual worlds,” said Cliff Bleszinski, an early investor in Atomontage. “Microvoxels will be the literal building blocks of our shared, connected future, and this solution puts them in reach of everyone. Powering the necessarily volumetric mirror worlds of tomorrow is going to take a complete rethinking of the core technologies that connect us today, and Atomontage is building what’s needed to get us there. This technology is thrilling!”


Microvoxel-based approaches to real-time 3D have uses across industries well beyond gaming, with healthcare, retail, film, AEC, and many more that stand to benefit from Atomontage’s technology.


“We have been using the Atomontage closed beta for about a year as part of our research into brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s,” said Dr. Jan Mulder of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. “To get a better understanding of what’s actually happening in brain tissues, we need to look at several thousands of individual neurons at a time. The 3D datasets that our light sheet microscopy creates are so large and detailed that we could not easily edit, explore, and share them until we started working with the Atomontage platform.”


Today’s announcement will be made from the main stage at Slush 2021 in Helsinki, the world’s leading startup event, where Atomontage was one of six companies invited to launch their products from the Startup Studio stage at this year’s event. To learn more about Atomontage and its voxel-based solutions for easily authoring and delivering 3D content, visit There you can also experience prototype Montages across several verticals including games, healthcare, construction, and research. You can also see a demo overview video at




About Atomontage


Atomontage Inc. is the creator of a breakthrough microvoxel technology that has been in R&D for more than 20 years, and launched a minimal viable product into open beta in 2021. Once fully built out, its volumetric platform will streamline the capture, creation, editing, distribution, and consumption of all forms of interactive 3D computer graphics – vastly improving current experiences across countless applications. The company is comprised of software engineering, games development, visual computing, and medical industry veterans. For more information, go to
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