A Flurry of Fury News

A Raw Fury Flurry

Stockholm, Sweden [December 2, 2021] – Tis the season for Raw Fury news! We are closing out the year with a ton of activities with more still to come (looking at you Wolfstride releasing on December 7) but before we jump into 2022, let's unwrap some news about: Townscaper, Star Renegades, Atomicrops, Per Aspera, and the Rawcember event.

Townscaper Since its official launch this year, Townscaper has seen over 750k downloads! Even with a fantastic reception across Steam. Nintendo Switch, and mobile we want to ensure that everyone gets the chance ot try it - which is why we've launched a free browser version! Simply head over to the website and you will be able to play Townscaper; the only limitations are the playable area and the ability to save your town. In addition to this, as of today (Thursday December 2), Townscaper is available on Xbox Game Pass for both PC and Xbox.

Star Renegades Following up on the last content update (Guardian of the Metaverse), developer Massive Damage is even more content for their turn-based, tactical RPG, Star Renegades. Titled “Prime Dimension”, this free update will be available on December 9 for PC with console following in early 2022. The Prime Dimension DLC will include:

  • A New Dimension: Take the fight right to the heart of the tyrannical regime by invading the home turf of The Imperium itself.
  • New Opponents: New Behemoths enter the fray! They are more powerful than any opponent to date…so powerful that you will need a sixth hero to fight them with!
  • Recruitable Progeny: Finally, you will be able to recruit Progeny / Hero Variants mid-run (presuming you’ve unlocked them, of course!)
  • A New Ending: With the incursion into the Prime Dimension comes the climax of the Star Renegades' trials. After everything your squad’s have been through, witness the end of the Imperium's machinations and experience the finale of the story.
  • A New Renegade:  The Dark Paragon - Recruit a potent new damage dealer who can steal health from your foes (with the aid of an alien parasite) and change forms in the middle of battle!

Atomicrops It’s time to crow down. Following up on the Feline Good DLC back in July, Atomicrops is unleashing its latest content update “Reap What You Crow”. The standouts of this update include a new playable character, the Oregacrow (the puns make more sense now, eh?), and two new weapons: the scythe and (horrifying) leech gun! The Oregacrow plants a unique crop, oregano, which replaces heart beets and introduces character-specific cauldrons that will provide bonus upgrades by placing crops inside them. The scythe is the first melee weapon for Atomicrops and can be used for both farming AND attacking. The leech gun is a homing weapon that provides LOTS of fertilizer and uses a unique ammo system that replenishes by performing farming tasks. All this will be available on December 14 for PC for $4.99 USD.

Per Aspera Happy one year anniversary to Per Aspera! After introducing new flora and fauna to the red planet in the free Green Mars update in October, another expansion is already in the works for next year. Going live Friday, December 3 at 10AM ET/4PM CET, a new teaser trailer (linked below) will hint at the next chapter that’s in store for Mars' first residents. On top of this news, from December 16th until the 19th, a multiplayer beta will be available to all owners of the game. Details are available on the Per Aspera Steam page.

Rawcember In case you haven’t heard, we are in the middle of Rawcember. What is Rawcember? It is how Raw Fury is celebrating the holidays – a combination of sales, free gifts, releases, and news. From December 1 until the 24th people can visit to open the digital calendar to reveal all sorts of surprises. A video message (below) from the “totally real” CEO Jonas Antonssen explains Rawcember in a more befitting manner.

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