Press release

ZpellCatz Release Date Announced and Open Beta Start

An action RPG that could be described as "Zelda 1 meets Diablo 2 - with cats!"

Hamburg, Germany - April 17, 2024 - SimaGames announces that the PC release of the action RPG ZpellCatz will be June 5, 2024. Following a successful Kickstarter in October 2022, the indie game will launch globally on Steam ( and (


"As a big fan of games like Diablo, Titan Quest and Grim Dawn myself, I just had to create my own action RPG," says Florian Siemer, developer of ZpellCatz. "The big advantage of being an indie developer is that you can take risks and try out completely new ideas to hopefully enrich the genre."

Although ZpellCatz is an action RPG in a medieval fantasy setting, there are neither swords, daggers nor bows. Every hero and every enemy is a spell caster type. Build diversity is still ensured. Players can combine a hero class with a path to create a cat hero that suits their playstyle. But of course ZpellCatz also has everything else a real action RPG needs: Procedurally generated dungeons, randomized items, a campaign with exciting boss fights and a late-game system that keeps players hooked for dozens of hours.

In addition to unveilling the official release date, SimaGames is excited to announce that ZpellCatz will be transitioning from closed beta to open beta. Everyone is invited to take part in the beta test via Steam Playtest, which starts today and will end a few days before release.


Florian Siemer is a solo indie game developer from Europe (Germany). Since 2014 he is releasing games by the brand name SimaGames.