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Waysun Inc. Breaks into the World of VR with Olly Power Play 

With the growing interest in VR games, Waysun Inc. launches its first game on [Oculus] featuring a target-based contest designed to challenge players and their friends. 

ORLANDO, FL – May 2022 – Waysun Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of Olly Power Play, a new option for VR gamers to add to their growing libraries. Show off your pitching skills in this target-based experience alongside the adorable ox named Olly! Enjoy over 20 dynamic levels and compete against friends to see if you can snatch the highest score on the leaderboard. Available in the [app lab] now. Olly Powerplay for Oculus Quest 2.

The increasing demand for new VR content is the perfect opportunity for Waysun to introduce the world to their loveable character Olly and his beautifully designed world. This new experience is set on an inviting island where players can compete to clear out targets, earn bonuses, and set their high scores alongside Olly. Featuring exciting gameplay and immersive sights and sounds, Olly Power Play highlights VR’s potential in the gaming industry.

“The most exciting thing about VR is the opportunity to provide a positive experience for any one of any age. Creating an opportunity for them to enjoy an environment outside of the noise that may exist in their world is important to us. If we can give this to people, then it’s worth its weight in gold.” – Ryan DiSanto, Chief Operations Officer for Waysun Inc.


About Waysun Inc. 

Waysun Inc. is a full-service media and games publisher for owned and licensed content distributed across, mobile, PC, and TV platforms in the U.S. and global markets. Waysun Inc. values innovation, excellence, integrity, teamwork, diversity, and a global presence. Founded in 2016, the company specializes in providing critical services for developers to successfully launch and capitalize on their products, and has worked with brands such as Tencent, Boss Bunny Games, and Lammtara. For more information, visit or follow @waysuninc on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.