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Veteran MMORPG Developer CipSoft Announces Zombie MMORPG Persist Online

Almost 30 years following the pioneering release of Tibia, the legendary multiplayer devs are back with a real MMORPG featuring an action-packed combat system


Regensburg, Germany, June 3, 2024 | CipSoft, the pioneering game developer behind 1997 MMORPG Tibia, one of the first games in the genre, is delighted to announce its latest MMORPG, Persist Online. Persist Online will bring a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested open world to PC, first launching in Early Access.

Watch the Persist Online announcement trailer:

The studio’s first MMORPG for PC in almost 30 years, CipSoft is channeling all that it knows about making great multiplayer experiences into Persist Online. Designed as a true, old-school MMORPG - but with zombies, guns, and baseball bats instead of orcs, mages, and spells - Persist Online will bring hundreds of players together on a persistent server with the greatest possible freedom. 

While surviving in its incredibly dangerous open world, every additional ally might be an advantage, but on the treacherous journey back to the safe bunker, players will worry about their hard-fought loot during every encounter.

“The true charm of an MMORPG lies in the diverse interaction possibilities among players and the unpredictable stories that emerge from them. Decades of operating Tibia have continually shown us this," said Benjamin Zuckerer, Lead Product Manager. “It’s why we believe a good multiplayer game can only be created together with the community, and even before the Early Access period, we will regularly organize game tests.”

Persist Online began as a hobby project and is the brainchild of two long-standing CipSoft employees. We just started developing the game we wanted to play ourselves. The core team now consists of 14 people and has access to all departments and the entire expertise of the company."

Key Features of Persist Online:
  • Masses of Players and Zombies: Join forces with other survivors to keep the zombies at bay and take on mutated bosses in a sprawling open world. In this persistent online world, without instances, hundreds of players can enjoy (and survive) this harsh environment together.
  • Friends, Foes, and Temporary Allies: Exercise caution against other players looking for some PvP action, or team up and form guilds to defend strategically important locations, amassing resources quicker. Friendly fire is also engaged, so look out for that, too!
  • Boomsticks, Frying Pans, and Fishing Nets: Fend off foes (zombies or other players) with a variety of looted or crafted weapons, which can each be upgraded. Melee the undead with a sturdy frying pan, blast them to smithereens with a powerful shotgun, or put points into the fishing skill on the skill tree and give the fishing net the ability to paralyze enemies.
  • An Unforgiving Open World: This world isn’t just big; it’s also big on details. Every building is accessible, and a dynamic day and night cycle can have a genuine impact on gameplay.
Persist Online will be released on Windows, macOS, and Linux via Steam. Add the game to your wishlist now.

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About CipSoft

CipSoft GmbH was founded in June 2001 in Regensburg and emerged from the success of Tibia. The PC game went online in January 1997, making it one of the first MMORPGs ever. With TibiaME, a mobile adaptation inspired by Tibia, CipSoft released one of the first online role-playing games for mobile phones in 2003. As one of the oldest German game developers, the independent company today generates an annual revenue of over 20 million euros and employs 100 staff. In 2022, CipSoft was awarded "Studio of the Year" at the German Computer Game Awards. The international research and consulting institute Great Place to Work repeatedly honored the company in 2023, including as one of the best employers in Bavaria.