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Unchained Entertainment’s Final Stand: Ragnarok Officially Launches into Early Access

Unchained Entertainment (formerly CityState Entertainment) is pleased to announce its epic-scale hack n’ slash PvE battler Final Stand: Ragnarök has entered its final stage of Early Access and is now available on Steam. Built on the Unchained Engine and utilizing its powerful and unique abilities to accommodate large scale battles with no graphical or network dropoff, Final Stand: Ragnarök features up to 8 players partying up with their Champions to take on hordes of thousands of loot-dropping enemies in this original adventure for the PC.

All Father Odin has been collecting heroes from ages past and fables great to defend against Hel and her plans to bring about the Neverending Twilight in the final quaking moments of Ragnarök. Each Champion brings their own uniquely stylish attacks and powerful combos to the game, giving you a choice on how you and your friends will tackle the forces of Hel.

For more information on Final Stand: Ragnarök, check out the website and Steam page.

Unchained Entertainment 
Led by industry veteran Mark Jacobs, pioneer in the MMORPG genre and previously the founder & CEO of Mythic Entertainment, Unchained is a collaborative, passionate game studio and engine technology company united in determination to power the next generation of massive multiplayer online games. Unchained’s mission is to enable players to experience the kinds of epic battles that so many of us have only been able to read about and see in the greatest science fiction and fantasy worlds. Unchained is a small team of industry veterans who have worked on some of the biggest online games in the industry. The team shares a passion and vision to design new online game experiences that redefine and push the boundaries of what a massive multiplayer game can be. For more information, please visit