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Train Valley 2: Community Edition Coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One Consoles on November 23rd!

Train Valley 2 has got a lovely, calming low-poly graphical presentation so if you like your micromanagement tasks to be a little more chill, Train Valley has got your back.” - Gamespot”

[Vilareal, 13/11/2023] – The developers of Train Valley, Flazm, together with the specialized console publisher, BlitWorks, present the most complete edition of Train Valley 2; a game that combines management, strategy and puzzles in a railroad tycoon, boarding the players on a journey to connect and manage an intricate rail network to supply cities and factories through history.

Expect 278 different levels that will assure more than 100 hours of soothing gameplay!

About the Train Valley series, it has gained loyal following around the world since its original release in 2015 by Flazm, and ever since it has received two titles, numerous DLCs and is getting an upcoming new game in 2024, Train Valley World.

Key features of Train Valley 2:

  1. Beautiful low-poly graphics: Thoughtfully designed, diverse landscapes with a pastel color palette.

  2. Cozy gameplay: Relaxing soundtrack and aesthetic.

  3. 50 hooking levels in base game Company Mode: +30 hours of gameplay.

  4. Through history: Main levels designed to travel from Steam to Space age, passing through Industrial, Electrical and Globalizing.

  5. Bonus difficulty: Secondary objectives and rating system for the players that seek a tough challenge.

  6. Train variety: Operate a range of locomotives, each with its unique benefits and with new models and types of train cars to unlock. It’s up to you to keep things as efficient and cost-effective as possible, while the world around you gets more demanding!

  7. Translated into 14 languages.


What’s new in Community Edition?

  • Including DLCs: 70 added levels thanks to extended content from Passenger Flow, Myths and rails and Editor’s Bulletin. Levels based on countries around the world, fantasy settings…

  • +158 community levels: Awesome bonus levels created by talented designers of the community

  • Adapted to controller for comfortable console playability

  • Simplified tutorial


Train Valley 2 [is] incredibly accessible and at the same time offers a high challenge for players who strive for perfection” -

At a price of 24.99 USD|Euros, this edition includes a total of 278 levels in this testament to both team’s commitment to offering players the most comfortable ways of playing in any platform, for longtime fans of the series or newcomers to the world of Train Valley.

Move history forward in Train Valley 2 Community Edition, build railroads, upgrade your locomotives, keep your trains on schedule without accidents to meet the ever-growing demand of the cities and industries in your tiny valley. Take your railroad company from the days of the Industrial Revolution and into the future, meeting the needs of the valley's cities and industries.

Train Valley 2: Community edition will be available on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch on November the 23rd.

Please don’t publish the generated content until the 20th of November, we want to focus the visibility and the impact of the game on the days before the release



Flazm Interactive Entertainment is an independent studio founded in 2010 by 3 people, based in Vilnius (Lithuania). The main focus of the studio was web games development. Over the last 5 years Flazm has created more than 30 games, including such popular titles as Truck Loader, Train Valley 1 & 2, Bob the Robber and Money Movers, which were played more than 1 billion times. For more information and updates about Flazm please visit and follow @flazm on Twitter/X.


BlitWorks Games is a publisher based in Spain that has extensive experience and focuses on porting and publishing PC premium games on consoles. The company started in 2012, when they were hired by SEGA to port Sonic CD and Jet Set Radio thanks to their previous work developing emulators for their systems. During the last years, BlitWorks ported and published console versions of indie games like the acclaimed Super Meat Boy, They are billions, Fight'N Rage, Heroes of Hammerwatch: Ultimate Edition, Vagante, Slipstream, Train Valley Console Edition... For more information and updates about BlitWorks please visit and follow @BlitWorks on Twitter/X.