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The world is on the brink in the gorgeous cyberpunk adventure game The Sundew, out now on Steam,, and Nintendo Switch

Inspired by Blade Runner and your favourite point-and-click classics.

Tourcoing, France, 14 October 2021 -- Developed by a one-woman team, and inspired by classic LucasArts titles, The Sundew is a beautifully stylish, lovingly crafted point-and-click adventure game, out now on Steam,, and Nintendo Switch! Purchase The Sundew on any platform between 14 October and 21 October to receive a celebratory 10% launch discount. Check out the launch trailer:

Welcome to Shibukawa. You are Anna Isobe, a cyborg trying to find your way in a world that’s left you behind. Once a shining hope for the future, cyborgs have become taboo, replaced by drones and automata that make even your heightened abilities obsolete. Stuck in a thankless job surrounded by indifferent eyes you still have a duty to protect and serve, and that’s just what you’re going to do.

The Sundew is a dark adventure game set in the aftermath of a devastating future war, where the world as we know it was twisted by flames into a terrifying new dystopia. What begins as a normal day quickly becomes something else, and soon Anna Isobe will hold the fate of the world in her hands.

Experience a retro but wonderfully refined pixel art adventure game in The Sundew, out now on Steam:,, and Nintendo Switch:

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Founded in September 2020 and based in Tourcoing, France, 2054 is a new video game studio consisting of a one-woman team. Agnès Vuillaume, also known as Clemenc, is the French developer working as art, narrative, and technical director on The Sundew, a passion project years in the making.