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The Ways in Which Wildlife Shape the Environment Come to Life in Growth, a Cozy Strategy Puzzle Game Coming Later this Year from Assemble Entertainment

Engage Your Peaceful and Analytical Mind in this Unique Tile-by-Tile Idyllic Adventure Where You’ll Transform Barren Landscapes into Breathtaking Havens

Wiesbaden, Germany (June 7, 2023) - The path to true wholesomeness is laid with…environmental tiles? Today, Assemble Entertainment and developer VoodooDuck are delighted to announce Growth, a relaxing strategy puzzler revealed as part of Guerilla Collective. Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch later this summer, Growth invites you to explore and populate randomly generated maps by strategically utilizing the unique abilities of wildlife in the form of tiles on a hexagonal playfield, then watch the environment come to life. Play the demo during Steam NextFest starting on June 19th.

Growth blends the beauty of cozy exploration with challenging navigation around obstacles. Populate fertile soil while respecting natural boundaries like rivers and mountains, all while transforming barren landscapes into lush forests, meadows, and more. 
Watch the reveal trailer: 
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Tile by tile, explore and expand an ever-growing map by cleverly connecting clusters of wildlife and foliage. Claim newfound clusters or points of interest to receive additional wildlife, or in some cases, special rewards. As you expand the landscape you will discover new types of animals, providing unique abilities to overcome challenges. 

Key Features of Growth

  • Hexagonal-grid-based soft strategy gameplay blends puzzle elements for infinite replayability
  • Campaign mode with randomly generated maps puts your problem-solving skills to the test
  • Cozy and idyllic gameplay creates a truly relaxing vibe
  • Seven different animals with unique abilities to expand your toolset for exploring
  • Points of Interest captures are rewarded with new animal types and more
  • Nine different tile types allow for beautifully crafted maps and flourishing landscapes

Growth will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch later this summer. Keep an eye out for more on this title from Assemble Entertainment. 

A press kit with screenshots, character art, and trailers can be found here:

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