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The Steam store page for “Ad SHOOt”, a vertical scrolling 2D bullet hell (SHMUP) game where you shoot down fictional advertisements, has been released

Advertisements x Handsome Men x Vertical SHMUP! "Condominium Poem" and "Hamburger without Pickles"... Shoot down the barrage of ads flying at you and aim for a comfortable online life​​​​​​​!

BOCSTE, Ltd. released the Steam store page for the vertical scrolling bullet hell shooter game (SHMUP) "Ad SHOOt" today, June 18, 2024.
The game is scheduled to be released around November 5, 2024.

Steam Store :
Official Web Site:

[Trailer PV]

All the bosses belong to fictional companies and they attack using their company products as bullet-hell advertisements.
Fed up with unavoidable double ads before videos,the protagonist decides to entera shooting game (shmup) where shooting down ads is the goal. Completing all stages promises an ad-free experience for a while.
The meaning of the title Advertising (ad / advertising) and shooter game are combined and abbreviated.   
[Recommended for]

  • SHMUP beginners
  • People who have given up on SHMUP in the past
  • Anyone who has had their internet browsing interrupted by ads
  • Advertisers who are sad that their company's ads are always treated as an annoyance

[Different  from  existing  SHMUPs]

  • All the characters are good-looking men with beautiful voices.
  • Enemy aircraft and bullets are (fictitious) advertisements.
  • The game is probably the first in the world to use a “rotary lock-punching machine” or “condominium poem” as a motif for the barrage.
  • The boss that summons a real estate agent is probably the first in the world.

"Would you like set menu?"  Bullet Hell
*Objects resembling hamburgers are advertisements and not actual food.

[Product Information]
Game Title: Ad SHOOt
Official Web site:
Press kit: Please download and use the press kit, which contains images and text information, from the Media menu on the official website.
Release date: Arownd November 5, 2024.
Price: Approximately $10-$15
Platform: Windows PC/Steam
*Also planned to be ported to Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation5.
Steam store:
Genre: Vertical scrolling shooter game (SHMUP)
Developer: BOCSTE, Ltd.
Publisher: BOCSTE, Ltd.
Voice languages: Japanese only
UI/subtitle languages: Japanese/English/Chinese (Simplified)/Chinese (Traditional)    
[Developer Profile]
Company Name: BOCSTE, Ltd.
Corporate Number: 4420001018557
Office address: 100-1, Mimaya Higashimachi, Sotogahama-machi, Higashitsugaru-gun, Aomori, 030-1737,JAPAN
CEO: Teiko Miura
E-mail address:
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was published by BOCSTE ,Ltd. as of March 1, 2024.