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That which you cannot put down: indie hit Cultist Simulator gets TRPG’d

This weekend Cultist Simulator turns three. It’s had four DLCs, been ported to mobile and the Switch, and translated into four languages. So we’re announcing The Lady Afterwards, a limited edition Cultist Simulator TRPG.

“You've been summoned to Alexandria, a city of coloured lights and curious histories. An old friend needs you to track down a woman. She's probably in trouble. Probably trouble herself. Plus ça change.
Mirrors glitter at the Cecil, Berbers whisper in the El Bab Cafe, and statues keep their secrets in the cold depths of the bay. Something's in motion, from the Arab Quarter to the Rue des Soeurs. Somewhere, the Serapeum stirs. The Hours have taken an interest.
Cherchez la femme, the saying goes. But what does the lady look for?”

Track down Audrey Leigh Howard, a woman of high standing and dubious morals. Seek the Serapeum. Investigate the Society of the Noble Endeavour. Abort a plan. Avert a crisis. Protect the heart of the House Without Walls - or let the blow fall.
The Lady Afterwards is a limited edition Cultist Simulator TRPG, based on Chaosium’s Basic Role-Playing system. We’ve streamlined the experience so you don’t have to be a TRPG aficionado to play, and we’ve filled it with Dread, Fascination and the invisible arts.
The boxed physical edition, containing everything you need for several evenings’ occult entertainment with friends (and/or cultists), includes:

  • The Lady Afterwards, a Cultist Simulator TRPG scenario set in 1920s Alexandria
  • A game-runner’s handbook, incorporating all story, locations, lore and mechanics
  • An exultation of clues, curiosities, clippings and collectibles
  • “The Essential Hours”, 23-card pocket tarot
  • Eight customisable character sheets, complete with secret agendas
  • Eight art deco character pins in silver, brass, copper and gold
  • A scented Serapeum candle, to evoke that which cannot be seen
  • Three Mansus candles, for important plot points
  • A full-colour map of contemporary Alexandria
  • A set of seven antique TRPG dice in a velvet dice bag
  • A Steam key for Cultist Simulator, in the unspeakable instance where someone hasn’t played it
  • A 50% discount token for the Church o’ Merch
  • Access to a custom-built mood-music playlist, to further SET THE TONE
It all comes in a custom-built 1920s-styled recyclable box mailed directly to players. We expect to release the game in October, in time for Halloween - but we’ll confirm a release date later down the line.

Other birthday news:
  • Cultist Simulator is 66% off in a Steam Daily Deal – our largest discount ever! The Dancer, Priest, Ghoul and Exile DLCs are all 50% off, too.
  • The of Cultist Simulator is currently on sale for 50% off.
  • Against Worldbuilding, and Other Provocations, a game design book from the creator of Fallen London, Sunless Sea and Cultist Simulator. Out now in paperback and Kindle format, for £7.77 and £5.65 respectively.
  • We’ve shared more images of our , a world-first transparent tarot deck inspired by our upcoming game BOOK OF HOURS.

What is Cultist Simulator?

Seize forbidden treasures. Summon alien gods. Feed on your disciples. Play as a seeker after unholy mysteries, in a 1920s-themed setting of hidden gods and secret histories.
Cultist Simulator is an award-winning Lovecraftian card game of apocalypse and yearning. It’s double BAFTA-nominated, available on PC, mobile and the Nintendo Switch, and widely considered a unique indie gem. See the full press kit here.
Launched on 31st May 2018, Cultist Simulator was an immediate indie hit. It reached number one on Steam and sold over 50,000 copies in its first month on sale. Its world is being expanded upon in Weather Factory’s next game, BOOK OF HOURS.