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Taipei Game Show 2021 is Back! New Platform Features Both Online and Offline Events

Release Date: 7th, Oct. 2020

Organized by Taipei Computer Association (TCA), Taipei Game Show (TGS) is scheduled to take place from January 28th to 31st at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1. The exhibitor’s registration for B2B and B2C Zone has been available since this September. For the first time, Taipei Game show 2021 is set to hold events both online and offline, creating a platform to bring game industry professionals and gamers together without the barriers of time and space.
New Experiences With a Mix of Physical and Digital Events
Taipei Game Show 2021 includes three main sectors: Asia Pacific Game Summit, B2B Zone and B2C Zone. B2B Zone is set to be an international business platform that offers matchmaking opportunities and fosters game industry professionals across the world to interact and exchange ideas. The synced forums - Asia Pacific Game Summit and INDIE SALON, will not only host physical events, but also provide online streaming service to bring international speakers and audience together and offer the latest game industry insights and trends. The competition within the show specifically designed for indie game developers - Indie Game Award, held its ceremony in the form of online streaming in this June, and has now begun accepting new submissions since this September. The organizer sincerely invites talented indie game developers around the globe to participate in the grand event.   
Starts in a New Place: Taipei Game Show 2021 Expects to See 350k Visits and About 500 Exhibitors to Take Part In
Taipei Game Show attracts exhibitors and gamers from more than 25 countries each year. Its B2C Zone provides gamers the first-hand information of giant game titles, well-known esports and hardware brands, meeting various appetites from gamers. "Indie House" and "Board Game Wonderland" will also be included in the show, displaying latest products and eye-catching contents, bringing fun and joy to the gamers. B2C Zone is coming back stronger than ever, creating true immersive experiences for gamers. With numerous new products in the line-ups, it also creates a huge business opportunity between exhibitors and gamers. Furthermore, the highly anticipated online show organized by Taipei Game Show, will be making a debut at the end of the year, providing gamers a brand new entertainment option!

Event Info

Taipei Game Show 2021
Date: B2B ZONE(2 days)Jan. 28th to Jan. 29th, 2021 
B2C ZONE(4 days)Jan. 28th to Jan. 31st, 2021 
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1
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Pic 1: Taipei Game Show 2021 key visual released
Pic 2: B2B Zone provides both online and offline packages for the first time.
Pic 3: Taipei Game Show 2021 is set to take place from Jan. 28th to Jan. 31st at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1.