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Symbol of Sacrifice, Fantasy/Sci-Fi VNRPG, Official Announcement - Demo in May, Early Press Access Available!

Washington D.C. - March X, 2024 - Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure through the clash between Fantasy and Science Fiction? Symbol of Sacrifice, the first game and flagship franchise from Umbrella Labs, reveals its launch trailer today with a peek at the game and the launch of their Steam page. Prepare yourself! The journey begins with the first fully playable story arc coming to Steam in May 2024!


Wishlists are now open and you can watch the trailers on the Steam page!


[Demo Trailer] Official Teaser #2 Demo Announcement 


Symbol of Sacrifice (SOS) is High Fantasy Sci-Fi visual novel with a heavy jRPG inspiration driven by player choice that tells the tale of the epic clash between two civilizations in their desperate attempt at survival. Our story hones in on the humble beginnings of the cataclysm, in our heroes' small village of Alezia, where we follow them through the tragedy that befalls their family and their journey towards redemption. During which a vital decision must be made. A sacrifice or a trade. The choice is entirely the players and will split the game into three unique storylines that have different encounters, locations, battles, endings, and more!


[Teaser Trailer] Symbol of Sacrifice Official Teaser Trailer 


CEO of Umbrella Labs, Roshaan “Khanondrum” Khan, said, "Umbrella Labs has been on the journey of creating Symbol of Sacrifice for a long time and we’re so close to our first major milestone, the demo! This game means the world to us as a team and is a culmination of what Umbrella Labs means as a company and the quality we can deliver. We hope the players who experience the game feel the heart and soul we’ve poured into it!"


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Review Codes: Review codes will be released in May. If you are interested in receiving one please let us know via email or any other social channel!


Umbrella Labs, is an indie game studio based in Washington DC, and the creators of Symbol of Sacrifice. Our team is an international blend of talented developers, directors, artists, voice actors, musicians, and more. We have assembled a small cast that rivals the talents of AAA studios to rally behind the Symbols franchise.


We have a game, a world, we're building that we plan to be bigger than just the SoS visual novel rpg. We hope you come along for the journey and watch the Symbols universe unfold over the coming years!


If you have any questions, wish to support us, or have business inquiries, please reach out to Roshaan at