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SuperPlanet’s <Evil Hunter Tycoon> celebrates its 4M downloads!

- <Evil Hunter Tycoon> surpasses 4 million downloads and shows once again the power of K-indie games.

- Various upcoming events and rewards to commemorate 4 million downloads!

SuperPlanet's Mobile Management Simulation RPG <Evil Hunter Tycoon>, which recorded 3 million downloads earlier this year and thus showed how popular it was with mobile game users around the world, has just surpassed 4 million cumulative downloads.

<Evil Hunter Tycoon> is a mobile simulation RPG published by SuperPlanet and developed by Retro Arts. After being officially released in 150 countries around the world in March 2020, it has been loved and played by many users around the world.

The strengths of SuperPlanet, such as constant new content updates and substantial service support in 13 languages, became the foundation of <Evil Hunter Tycoon>’s success that led it to surpass 4 million downloads. 

Even after a year and a half of service, SuperPlanet still tries to give its users the best gaming experience possible through future updates and fun events in Evil Hunter Tycoon’s official communities.

The charm of <Evil Hunter Tycoon> resides in its peculiar gameplay that combines the best of both RPG and Simulation genres, along with adorable pixel art graphics.

For the last year and half, <Evil Hunter Tycoon> has offered its users interesting new contents such as < The Darkness’ Front Yard> and <3rd Class Changes>, which helped the players enjoy even more the story of the Evil Hunter Town, which needs to be rebuilt after being destroyed by the Dark Lord. 

SuperPlanet will soon have a new Evil Hunter Tycoon update and introduce the 10 vs 10 PvP content 'Battlefield of Victory' based on Guild Wars this August.

SuperPlanet has prepared some special events to express its gratitude towards the users for helping <Evil Hunter Tycoon> achieve 4 million downloads. Among the events, the new and older users will be able to participate in the ‘Find 4&0 Event’ and the ‘4M Quiz Event’ which will have rewards such as 4M Gold and 200 Gems.

Various events and news can be found on SuperPlanet’s Official YouTube Channel. In addition to news about <Evil Hunter Tycoon>, the users of SuperPlanet games will be able to find event announcements, news and most importantly, weekly coupon videos to help them have even more fun!

To the new, old and returning Town Chiefs, do not forget to come and get your 4M Downloads Celebration Events’ rewards!!

<Evil Hunter Tycoon> is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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