Press release

Steam Demo Now Available - Critter Crossfire

The first ever demo for Critter Crossfire, a genre-breaking fusion of a Turn-Based Tactics game and a First Person Shooter, is available now on Steam!


About Critter Crossfire:
In traditional turn-based tactics games, units have a random percent chance to miss their attacks. What happens when you replace RNG with physics? You end up with a skill-based game where landing the shots is all up to YOU! Balance deep, well-formulated strategies and insane trickshots to outsmart and out-skill your opponent.

Key Features:

● Over 50 wacky items to master! Mix and match weapons and upgrades to build your perfect loadout.
● Unique map mechanics, including moving conveyor belts and spinning obstacles to shoot through.
● Challenging but fair CPU opponents that understand the physics of the game.
● A "Highlights" feature to easily record gifs and share them with the community.
● Steam Remote Play support to challenge your friends online.


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Steam Remote Play Festival
The Steam Remote Play Together Festival is live right now! Steam is promoting games with local multiplayer that support the Remote Play feature. You can play Critter Crossfire with up to 4 of your friends online with just a single copy of the game!