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Simure Vikings, a Viking Life Simulation RPG has Soft-Launched in Selected Regions

Become a Viking Jarl, consolidate your territory, inspire your people and embark on global voyages to uncharted seas!

Gtarcade, May 3rd, 2021 - Gtarcade, the leading mobile game publisher known for its popular titles such as Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming or Legacy of Discord, is excited to announce that a new simulation RPG, Simure Vikings is now soft-launched on Google Play in selected regions. The game is now open for pre-registration globally and set to launch soon on Google Play and iOS.

In history, the Vikings were formidable people that valued strength and bravery, who sailed the savage seas in search of new lands. In Simure Vikings, players are put in the role of a Viking Jarl in the medieval Scandinavia where they will lead their clans to fight for survival and glory.

Immerse yourself in the Viking world – The game presents a detailed depiction of Viking life with realistic and vibrant illustrations and environment designs. Players get to experience different facets of Viking life in the game, from battling for survival and expansion, supporting a family, to sailing into the savage seas with Viking longships.

Rule like a true Viking Jarl - It’s a leader’s duty to look after your people and consolidate your territory. There are a ton of jobs that keeps a Jarl busy. From levying taxes, collecting resources, brewing ales, and training the soldiers, player shall govern their territory properly to strengthen their power. From time to time, it also relies on the Jarl to guide the people by adjudicating on the disputes. It’s your choice to become a beloved and respected leader or a feared warlord!

Recruit legendary heroes to fight alongside you – Combat in Simure Vikings takes the form of battle scenarios, which not only relies on your soldiers. The most faithful heroic warriors are vital to your continuous victories. There will be a chance to encounter new heroes at surprising locations during your visits. As players progress in their quests, they can also gain and recruit various Viking warriors to join their force. 

From May 3rd, the game will be accessible on Google Play in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, the Philippines, Malta, and Indonesia, with other regions gradually open and an iOS version coming soon. Players from other regions or on iOS can now pre-register on Google Play or official website to get notified at the official launch.

To celebrate the soft launch, the legendary Viking hero and Danish king Ragnar can be acquired for free at players’ first recharge. Hrolf, Ragnar’s elder brother, and Ecgfrida, shepherd girl from Lindisfarne, will join your force in the 7-day login event, among a series of other rewards. Players will also be rewarded with in-game resources by following the game’s Facebook and Discord, and completing the in-game surveys. 

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