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Seven Interactive Ltd. Releases First-Ever Game, The Game Of Seven

Developers Introduce New Turn-Based Strategy Game App Inspired by the Ancient Religious Symbolism of the Number Seven

After nearly seven years of conceptualization, game inventors John Yohanan Hyams and Bart Winfield Sibrel have produced their very first game app which they entitled, Game Of Seven. Launched under their company, Seven Interactive Ltd., the app offers a new gaming experience with its unique playing mechanics and art.
Originally envisioned as a physical board game, this new digital gaming app works in a turn-base cycle and in a theme that portrays the ancient story of heavenly entities. Two players match up commanding a troop of angels and archangels. The goal is to try and capture the four ‘Gates of Heaven’ surrounding the ‘Throne of God’ before the opponent does. The interface is further enhanced with the game’s remarkable animated graphics paired with enthralling sound effects and choral music.
According to John and Bart, they took inspiration from the ancient symbolic significance of the number seven in coming up with the design. “In almost every culture, the number 7 is special. There are 7 days of the week, 7 notes on the musical scale, and 7 colors in light,” said the inventors.
Game Of Seven uses the number 7 in numerous aspects as well. Firstly, the game board has seven squares on each side. Each player has seven pieces that are moved seven spaces per turn. They are also given up to 77 seconds to take their turn, rolling the dice three times with combinations totaling seven. One star is awarded to the player whenever the three dice total seven.
The app creators also highlight that Game of Seven is a strategy game, while they regard it as the grand return of the classic board game. While most games today are either simplistic “gobble-up” arcade games, “shoot-’em-up” war games, or hours-long fantasy games, Game Of Seven – like Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon – challenges the intellect,” said the team at Seven Interactive Ltd.
For the benefit of players with different device types, the game provides cross-platform support. Friends can also compete with each other on their different devices.
Game Of Seven is available for download on Android, iOS, Steam, Microsoft Store, and Mac App Store. Game users can choose to play against an AI opponent, another random human player, or a friend in the game network. Game Of Seven has a worldwide leaderboard that is moderated by the Seven Interactive team and hosts a dedicated gaming community on Facebook.
Additionally, Seven Interactive is working on plans to release a physical game board set version, which will include both standard and deluxe editions.
The front end of the game app was developed in Unity with the expertise of a Ukrainian software company named SOFTUUP LLC, who recently had to relocate to Portugal due to the Russian invasion into Ukraine. Seven Interactive Ltd., who hired the Ukrainian team, is headquartered in Haifa, Israel. John Yohanan Hyams, Seven Interactive’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, said: “This unique cooperation between a Ukrainian and an Israeli company at these times shows the power of creation by individuals who care only about producing a solid strategy game for the enjoyment of players worldwide.”
Bart Winfield Sibrel, Seven Interactive’s Co-Founder and Creative Director said: “This is a brand-new game that any Backgammon or Chess player will most probably like and appreciate.”
More information about the game is found on the Game Of Seven official website,, accessible also via  Interested gamers of all ages (7 and up) may also watch the game trailer and tutorials on Seven Interactive’s official YouTube channel.