Press release

Senior Executive behind global beloved franchises, such as THE WALKING DEAD, THE BOYS, INVINCIBLE and many others, announces ASTRID ENTERTAINMENT, a new gaming venture building its first interactive universe.

Sharon Tal Yguado, known for being a pioneer in global television and championing numerous disruptive projects in her leadership roles at Amazon Studios and Fox Network Group, is launching a new game studio. Astrid is bringing together accomplished worldbuilders and game developers to craft fantastical living worlds that inspire positive, community play and are poised to grow into large universes across different mediums.

The company recently secured a high seven-figure pre-seed investment from a group of investors including NetEase Games, Stardom and Tower 26. Astrid’s leadership team, which will be announced in the next coming months, includes accomplished and innovative gaming developers from both AAA and indie backgrounds.

Astrid is building its first fantastical interactive world, grounded in rich lore, environmental worldbuilding and system design to encourage the emergence of multiplayer stories. Players will evolve worlds differently based on their actions and choices. They will get to explore the world, go on adventures, meet its fascinating characters, learn new skills, collect and share resources, all whilst building new bonds that grow and evolve over time.

“I love developing rich worlds and watching millions of people engage and build communities around them. We are seeing a new generation that wants something different. They enjoy walking into evocative worlds that give them freedom, let them hang out with their friends, explore, discover and create their own stories. I am incredibly lucky to have found and partnered with like-minded visionary game developers who are already pushing boundaries in this medium. We can’t wait to announce our incredibly talented gaming leadership team. Soon!” says Sharon Tal Yguado, CEO, ASTRID ENTERTAINMENT.

Astrid is currently hiring on a remote work basis and looking for people who share its vision and want to do things a little differently. Break silos, huddle, collaborate, push boundaries and most importantly have fun! We care deeply about equality and are committed to building a respectful, collaborative and inclusive culture. Keep an eye on Astrid’s website and LinkedIn as new roles open.