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Seafaring Sandbox Uncharted Waters Origin, Content Update and 1st Anniversary Event​​​​​​​

[2024-0228] The Seafaring Sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin, serviced by LINE Games and co-developed by Motif and KOEI TECMO GAMES, revealed the new S Grade Admiral ‘Maribel’, and the mate ‘Nanami’.
Moreover, the ‘Panama Canal’ that links Portobelo and Panama has been updated, and updates related to convenience, such as the Trade Goods search function and the ‘Prime Minister system’, have taken place.
Uncharted Waters Origin will be holding a perks event until March 26 to celebrate the 1st anniversary of its global service. During the event period, 4 scenarios celebrating the anniversary will be opened in turn and users who complete the given missions or meet the attendance requirements will be able to obtain various items.
New S Grade Admiral, ‘Maribel’!
The new S Grade Admiral, ‘Maribel’, is a wandering pirate. In her story, she sets sail for her true dream, which she realized after meeting her friends. She has Admiral’s Orders and skills specialized in Combat and users who unlock her Memoirs can complete her Chronicle without consuming Energy.
Users who complete her Chronicle can obtain various useful items, including 5 tickets for ‘Nanami’, the new S Grade mate, ‘Superior Mate EXP Potions’, and ‘Superior Mate Tickets’.

New S Grade Mates, ‘Nanami’ and ‘Hakobo Portunde’!
The new S Grade mate, ‘Nanami’, has been added with this update. ‘Nanami’ has various job effects, including Increase Artillery Defense, Quarreling Relieve, and Quarreling Prevention.
Along with ‘Nanami’, 4 mates from elite families, S Grade mate, ‘Hakobo Portunde’, A Grade mate, ‘Bernal Loyala’, and B Grade mates, ‘Alessandro Baggio’ and ‘Afonso Andrade’, also have been added.

‘Panama Canal’ updated, enabling teleporting between Portobelo and Panama!
The ‘Panama Canal’ that links Portobelo and Panama has been updated. Users can use the ‘Panama Canal’ by paying a fee through the immigration office at the ports. Also, a trade goods search function has been added so barter trade goods can be seen through the world map, and the convenience of the ‘Prime Minister system’ has been updated too.

1st Anniversary Perks Event taking place until March 26!
Uncharted Waters Origin will be holding a perks event until March 26 to celebrate its 1st anniversary. First, 4 celebration scenarios will be opened in turn, starting with ‘Lucia’s Wish’. 1st Anniversary Celebration Tokens can be obtained after playing the celebration scenarios and the tokens can be exchanged with various items.
Moreover, users who log into the game for a total of 14 days during the event period can obtain up to 100 pulls for a free mate gacha that includes ‘Superior Mate Tickets’ and ‘1st Anniversary Mate Tickets’.
For more information on Uncharted Waters Origin and ongoing in-game events, visit the game’s official website.
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Uncharted Waters Origin
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