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First subscription model for added immersion

Munich, Germany – April 1st, 2024 – Indie horde-shooter Survivor Mercs introduces the “Merc Pass”, a subscription model for a hyper-immersive gameplay experience as the Commander of a mercenary outfit. Hire each individual Merc character for as little as $4.99 per week, and the subscription will automatically renew for added convenience and minimal gameplay disruption.
Your objective in Survivor Mercs is to fight the super-greedy bosses of M.E.G.A. Corp. who are putting profits before anything, protecting their exploitative enterprise with a merciless private robot army.
You lead a ragtag mercenary squad with your cloned Commanders, fighting the overwhelming onslaught while trying to loot anything you can get. Extract at any time or survive long enough to challenge massive bosses in different maps. It’s all or nothing in this battle for loot to expand your bunker, acquire new equipment, research new clone traits, or hire new Mercs.
“Setting the game against the backdrop of a world devastated by corporate greed is already providing a sense of exciting realism“, says Sebastian Bender, Boss Wolpertinger and game director of Survivor Mercs. “But we – and our players – want even more immersion!”
With the next game update, Survivor Mercs requires a weekly subscription for each of the 15 Mercs currently available in the game. Players can choose individually which Mercs they want on the roster and opt out of the auto-renewal at any time if they don’t want to play a specific Merc for a while.
“The Merc Pass truly makes you feel like you’re running an actual mercenary operation”, Bender explains. “We’re the first indie game to use AAA-monetization design to genuinely enhance your game experience. The intent is to provide gamers with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different Mercs. You used to need skill & wits, now only your wallet matters. It can’t get more real than that!”
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About Wolpertinger Games
Wolpertinger Games is an independent game development studio from Munich, Germany, founded in 2009 by Sebastian Bender and Remote Control Productions. The team successfully shipped more than 35 games and gamification projects for major international partners and brands. With Survivor Mercs the Wolpertingers are returning to their indie game roots, looking to create games directly for and with the players.
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