Press release


This update brings a whole new chapter to the main storyline, with a new biome, with unique creatures, enemies and characters, along with improvements to the UI 

Indie studio Charlie Oscar just released a new major update for Spire of Sorcery, which brings a new chapter to the main storyline of the turn-based party RPG among many other new features. Spire of Sorcery is available now on Steam Early Access for $20/€20 (with a -20% discount until May 9th). Chapter 4 brings players to the Dismal Marshes – a toxic, hostile swampland where a city once stood, ages ago. No one can remember how the flood started, but eventually, the city was flooded, and of its former glory only decaying ruins stick out of the mud now.

The Dismal Marshes, poisonous as they are, are not completely deserted. To begin with, there is another mage in the swamps that players can find and free to join their party. There are also two intelligent species living there, the Oorls and the Drowners. Dangerous Swamp Beasts lurk in their shadows, using their mimicry to fool the unsuspecting prey and strangle it with their roots. Bloodsuckers, crawlers, earth leeches, and snarers are another danger that will threaten the mages in their journey.

But there are rewards for those who dare to cross the Marshes and survive to tell the tale: the Spire of Sorcery has detected the Weightless Stone lying somewhere – a powerful artifact that allows its owner to control the minds of others. It would allow the mages to open a new room at the Spire – but unfortunately, some creature has found it and is using it to rule the whole region… This new update brings also new resources to the game. It also updates most of the Spells and a lot of the alchemical recipes, on top of changing how the players’ stats are updated in the UI, an updated targeting system for combat, and several changes to environmental conditions and effects; you can check the full patch notes here.
Spire of Sorcery is a turn-based party RPG with deck mechanics. At the core of the game is a system of tokens that allows to combine spellcasting, alchemy and equipment and affect both opponents and environments. You control a party of runaway mages, set in a quest to help the sentient magical citadel mend the broken world of Rund. Explore the world, and use your spells, alchemy, and gear to engage with the realms of life, death, and chaos to help the sentient to confront your enemies and gather resources and knowledge to increase your power. Manage your party, taking their mood and personal traits into account; find new members and level them up to make your cabal more powerful. In combat, cast your spells using a unique deck-building system, and empower your mages with alchemic potions and special equipment.


  • Explore the original world of Rund to discover new creatures, locations, and resources.
  • Cast spells, including combos, to affect opponents and trigger environmental effects.
  • Concoct alchemic substances that range from curative to explosive.
  • Defeat your enemies combining the effects of spellcasting, alchemy & equipment.
  • Manage your party, considering mood and personal traits of its members. Upgrade their stats to reach their true potential.
  • Customize the looks of your party members with alchemic and food resources that change their appearance.
  • Collect resources to cook food that may taste great (or horrible).
  • Expand the Spire with new rooms that offer new mechanics.
  • Try again: the world is larger than just one playthrough. Every challenge has alternative solutions. Try again with a different party for a different experience!
Charlie Oscar is an independent team of video game industry professionals based in Vilnius, Lithuania. The studio was founded in 2013 with the goal of developing original video games and board games for a global audience. Their first game, the native digital board game Gremlins, Inc., was released on Early Access in 2015 and moved to full release in 2016; since then has become a cult classic, with a dedicated community that keeps playing and competing in its tournaments to this day. Spire of Sorcery began as a prototype in 2018, and entered a Limited Early Access period in late 2019. By the autumn of 2020, after several playable prototypes, the game has pivoted to its current concept of a turn-based, exploration-heavy party RPG.