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SOEDESCO® and Red Martyr Entertainment Partner to Launch Saint Kotar

Psychological Horror Adventure ‘Saint Kotar’ Is Coming to PC and Consoles

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 6 July 2021 – SOEDESCO is collaborating with development studio Red Martyr Entertainment for the release of psychological horror adventure Saint Kotar. A story driven point and click game coming to PC and consoles.

Marko Tominić, Game Director and CEO at Red Martyr Entertainment has the following to say about the announcement: “We're pleased to team up with SOEDESCO for the launch of our first title: Saint Kotar. We've been working on this game for two and a half years now and we feel confident that SOEDESCO is the perfect partner we needed to support the game's growth into something special. Together we'll work to launch the game on PC and consoles very soon.”  


Title: Saint Kotar
Platforms: TBA
Developer: Red Martyr Entertainment
Genre: Horror
Release Date: TBA
Hashtag: #SaintKotar


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Inquiries: E-mail


About Saint Kotar

In this story-and-choice-driven point and click psychological horror game with branching storylines and multiple endings, you take the role of Benedek and Nikolay. These two troubled godly men go out to search for a missing woman in an ancient rural town plagued by macabre murders and strange phenomena, which are allegedly related to occult rituals of devil worship and witchcraft.

  • Delve into a psychological horror point and click adventure
  • Live the game's branching stories and influence the game's endingL
  • Experience the dark world through its hand-painted graphics and fully voiced narration
  • Alternate between two protagonists and affect both their stories and the fate of other characters with your actions

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At SOEDESCO we strive to bring fun and engaging gaming experiences to a worldwide audience. Our portfolio consists of titles such as Owlboy, Kaze and the Wild Masks, Monster Crown, Among the Sleep, Remothered: Tormented Fathers and Monstrum. We also have our own IPs including Truck Driver®, Adam’s Venture® and Real Farm.

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About Red Martyr Entertainment
Red Martyr Entertainment is a game development and interactive storytelling studio founded in 2019. The Croatia based studio consists of three core members and Saint Kotar is their first project.

Saint Kotar originally came to life in a 2020 Kickstarter campaign where it was successfully backed by over 1100 backers coming from different parts of the world.

Red Martyr Entertainment's mission is to inspire and entertain people around the globe by creating bold, engaging stories designed to kindle emotions and imagination through interaction.